McDonald's: Here are the most unique menu items around the world

From whacky burgers, to crazy McFlurry flavors, here are the usual McDonald's items across the world.

McDonald's: Here are the more unusual menu items around the world
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McDonald's: Here are the more unusual menu items around the world

While McDonald’s seems like it might have a generic food menu available around the globe, it is far from the truth. Of course, items such as chicken McNuggets, french fries, and spicy burgers are worldwide commons. Breaking away from conventional fast food, like the chicken burger, Big Mac, and beef pies, McDonald’s often likes to experiment with their menu, sauce, cheese, and patty, in different locations. There are even a lot of rich dishes which break away from the average McDonald's bun, like the red rice porridge and cheesy rice bowl.

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By bringing different layers of spicy fried goodies to the table, McDonald's has dominated all meals, from breakfast to dinner, like all over the world. From Japan to India, McDonald's experiments with the classic sandwich and chicken burger, to curate items for its menus that aren't available at other restaurants. With more unique items added to the menu, they just love to explore ingredients such as rice, chicken, cheese, beef, bacon, shrimp, and onions to give the fast food menu and patty a whole new feeling.

From their choice of cheese to the sauce and patty, McDonald’s restaurants serve a funk factor to their available restaurant menu across the world. Even their fries and iconic McFlurry, have taken some wild forms in different locations such as McDonald’s Japan, or McDonald’s Indonesia. For example, McDonald's Japan introduced the Ebi Filet-O Shrimp burgers with onions, which just took the popular bun dish to a whole new level. Here are some of the unusual McDonald’s menu items around the world.

Ovaltine and Bubblegum Squash McFlurry

While popular fast-food chains serve some common ice cream flavors and McFlurry, some countries have taken it to a whole new level. McDonald’s China brought in the Ovaltine McFlurry, while McDonald’s in Australia - New Zealand introduced the Bubblegum Squash McFlurry. Both these unique flavors are unusual but served to please their customers. Being a popular breakfast drink, every glass is served just as is or goes well with some fries or a chicken burger.

McDonald's McFlurry Smith Collection/Gado / Contributor / Getty_Images

Burgers: Mashed potato, Ebi-Filet-O Shrimp, Cordon Bleu

McDonald's is more than just the Big Mac with fried bacon and a cheese sauce. McDonald’s has seen some surprising burger and sandwich items, with time, over the years. Be it a mashed potato burger, Ebi Filet-O Shrimp burger, Cordon Bleu burger with tomato, black-white burger, or gratin croquette burger, the world has seen it all.

The sesame seed bun remains common in all these burgers, but the sauce, beef/chicken patty, cheese, and the level at which it is fried all go for a toss. The burgers are topped and served with/without bacon, extra cheese or egg, onion, tomato, and so on, to augment the taste further. They have successfully broken away from the likes of a chicken burger and a fried beef burger topped with lettuce and sauce.

Ebi Filet-O Burger

Maharaja spicy burger

India has also given the classic Big Mac a side-line and showcased its popular item, the Maharaja spicy burger, which did well in other global locations too. This dish is served with onions, tomato, and lettuce with a non-beef patty in a wholesome sandwich form.

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Cadbury egg creme pie and drink

McDonald's has experimented with more than just the classic pie over time. With apple pie, taro pie, and so on, they even introduce chocolate into the pie recipes. The Cadbury egg creme is one common chocolate that they have brought into their pies and drinks.

And the creme egg item is a hit with all chocolate lovers, especially as a breakfast dish. This item is available on many menus and can be topped with sweet sauces, cream, and other elements. If you head to, you can explore all their pies.

McDonald's taro pie

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McDonald's: Here are the most popular menu items of the fast-food chain McDonald's: Here are the most popular menu items of the fast-food chain