McDonald's changing up recipe for iconic menu item: Here's what you can expect

McDonald's is preparing to take your taste buds by storm, with a new improved recipe for its burger that will make them even more addictive than before.

McDonald's making recipe changes to iconic menu item
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McDonald's making recipe changes to iconic menu item

McDonald's has brought about many a bizarre menu items since the brand was first created. But the appeal of McDonald's original menu items has remained unchallenged among fast-food lovers.

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To the shock of its fans, McDonald's had earlier announced that it would be instituting major changes to the recipe of its iconic burger.

As reported by Delish, these changes were instituted first on the West Coat. And after a successful run, now the fast-food giant is ready to implement these changes across the USA.

Here's what you can expect from the developments.

McDonald's implementing recipe changes soon

As per Wall Street Journal, McDonald's will finally start implementing all the changes from next year, 2024. The chief aim of the fast-food company in bringing about these recipe alterations, was to create the 'best burgers ever.'

And the main way to achieve that goal was to develop recipes for the juiciest possible burgers.

McDonald's is promising fans juicier patties with the recipe changes Firas Wardhana

Chris Young, McDonald’s senior director of global menu strategy, told The Wall Street Journal,

We can do it quick, fast and safe, but it doesn’t necessarily taste great. So, we want to incorporate quality into where we’re at.

The changes you can expect from McDonald's

McDonald's upgraded burgers will also be cooked differently, with up to 6 patties being grilled at a time instead of 8. Also there will be 'auto-cooking mechanism,' which will create juicier patties.

The recipe updates on McDonald's burgers are as follows:

  • more sauce on Big Macs
  • onions will be rehydrated after purchase to ensure juiciness
  • meltier cheese
  • fresher lettuce and pickles
  • six patties will be grilled at a time
  • brioche buns will be sliced with a thicker bottom
  • onions will be rehydrated after purchase
  • sesame seeds will be further spaced out

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