McDonald's: Here's why many people are deleting their app from their phone

McDonald's has made some major changes in its app, which is going to be affecting all its customers.

McDonald's app deleted
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McDonald's app deleted

There is no shortage of news about McDonald's customers getting annoyed, or at times even shocked and horrified by the actions of the company, or by what goes on, in its restaurant. Earlier, several McDonald's franchises came under fire after shocking revelation of serious violations at many of its restaurants.

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This year, McDonald's also had to pay a lot of money in penalties after its chicken nuggets causes severe injuries to a child. In another instance, a customer found a cigarette butt in son's Happy Meal.

Now, as reported by Mashed, McDonald's customers are actually deleting its app, after finding out the real implications of its new terms and conditions.

McDonald's terms and conditions

Every time there is any app to be downloaded, hardly anyone ever actually reads through the terms and conditions, before clicking 'I Agree,' and moving on. Well, it seems that some companies use this kind of negligent customer behaviour in order to make the customer agree to certain unsavoury conditions in their policy.

In case of McDonald's, the new terms and conditions on its McDonald's app will affect various aspects of customer interaction with the brand.

These include changes to McDonald's liability in cases of injury, third-party errors, and app malfunction; waivers for a customer's right to a jury trial or class action lawsuit; and an agreement to solve disputes through a strict arbitration process.

Bruno Gomiero

What does the changes imply for customers?

Essentially, with the new changes to the terms and conditions, McDonald's is protecting its own interests, while creating a situation where the customers of McDonald's cannot easily hold the company responsible in case they suffer from injury due to its food or service.

So, if anyone wants to sue the company over burns caused by chicken nuggets, or even hot coffee, they would essentially not have the option of a class action lawsuit, and instead, will have to enter an arbitration process with McDonald's.

As per Mashed, though McDonald's app has been an awesome way for customers to score discounts, as well as free food and drinks, many McDonald's customers are choosing to delete the app rather than agree with the updated terms and conditions.

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