McDonald's: This is where the very first restaurant of the fast-food chain opened

McDonald's had a humble beginning before it became the billion dollar chain it is today. Here is how it all started.

McDonald's: Where was the very first restaurant opened?
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McDonald's: Where was the very first restaurant opened?

McDonald’s, the name itself, is synonymous with the fast food way of life. Every McDonald’s restaurant and store opened so far has an original history that dates back to the 1940s, when the Maurice-Richard McDonald brothers started their first restaurant in San Bernardino, California.

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Now, with branches in every major city - be it London, Paris, Rome, or Asian cities - people all over the world love it, from toddlers and children to adults and senior citizens. Now, the restaurant dons new images for every season, making it like a cult classic even to this day, given its competitive price. This didn't happen overnight. It took years and years of hard work for people to accept it into their life, from all the way up north to the land down under. And it took exceptional service and time to grow out of San Bernardino, from location to location till Manchester and Mumbai. It now has branches all around the world, with over 38,000 locations in over 100 countries.

With simple menu items, the first and oldest restaurant primarily sold barbeque. But soon, the brothers realized that most of their business was from hamburgers, and similar items and shifted focus. The brothers successfully managed to weather all the storms and build a great empire. They rechristened their brand this time around, and shop name as ‘McDonald’s’ and opened a company of restaurants, and created the weather for fast food with a unique approach to business and service. And every photo from the 50s vouches for its immense growth of brand image.

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Ray Kroc’s franchise

In 1954, Ray Kroc bought his first restaurant franchise, and the business was fast-growing, thus making news. In 1961, after they opened a lot of stores, Kroc bought out the brothers and became the owner of McDonald’s, in a set record time. Soon, he relied heavily on branding and introduced the iconic golden arches, the Big Mac, and the legendary McDonald’s children’s menu. Thus, breathing life into one of the oldest burger joints. But his store hit the brief when he first introduced the mascot, Ronald McDonald. The friendly clown, Ronald McDonald, was a driving factor for sales, as both children and adults adored him. And Ronald soon became a sensation, and McDonald's became the splitting images of fun and happiness even to this day.

McDonald's Ronald McDonald Zhang Peng / Getty_Images

These new additions to the store made all the difference, and the company just grew exponentially, thanks to its outstanding services to its customers. Its set price point in its oldest branch also gave the chain the life to thrive, be it in California or Manchester.

McDonald’s corporation by Ray Kroc

Kroc soon went on to start the first company, the McDonald’s corporation in Des Plaines, Illinois. Year by year, the McDonald’s company grew more popular and its new brand image stood out from its other contemporaries. This first McDonald’s restaurant soon spiraled into a whole chain of restaurants that opened all over the country. Now, this is the history of the iconic chain that touches every corner of the world, from London to Tokyo, and an opening of a new brand is always big news.

McDonald's founder Ray Kroc Bettmann / Contributor / Getty_Images

McDonald’s today

Popular for its Big Mac, the golden arches as McDonald’s is fondly called is an extension of brothers Richard-Maurices’ dreams. Being a new global favorite among fast food restaurants, McDonald’s stores have legendary menu items. The dishes are unique to whichever part of the world you’re in, be it London, the Philippines, or China, no matter where it opens. What started like a humble chain is one of the most original hamburger joints that cater to location-specific customers from different countries. Its image is unlike any other burger shop, irrespective of the locations or countries it is operating in.

Now, every second photo or news you see online that has a hamburger, is taken at McDonald's. Not just a photo, but even reels and videos are often shot in the likes of this restaurant. Any new McDonald's restaurant that opens serves excellent food perfect for every weather, at a great price point. And opens itself to conversation, fun, and happiness, from Manchester to North Carolina.

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