McDonald's: Here's where you can get the cheapest burger in the world

Here is the complete scoop of the cheapest and most expensive McDonald's burgers from around the world.

McDonald's: Where is the cheapest and most expensive burgers in the world?
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McDonald's: Where is the cheapest and most expensive burgers in the world?

While McDonald’s, as a business, is perceived to serve the cheapest, most inexpensive burgers all around the world, it isn’t quite so. The average price of most burgers depends on the country and the part of the world you order it in. When McDonald's says inexpensive, they deliver it to people in most parts of the globe, at an exceptional rate that points to it being a success. The McDonald's app from across the globe, gives the best insight into its charges, along with a photo of the item depending on the location.

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Even the Big Mac has seen many forms over the years, such as the Maharaja Mac in India, which makes a great photo op. And its cost largely depends on the country, its inflation rates, and index, the food policy, and how pricy the country is in general. Many countries also have McDonald's on a delivery app that offers get discounts on its rate.

It is no fresh news that with an increased cost of living comes and high inflation comes expensive food prices. Be it a cheeseburger, fries, or an average chicken burger, McDonald's usually just hits it out of the park when it comes to pleasing people with its rates. If you’re wondering how much a burger is priced in various parts of the world, you’re in the right place.

McDonald’s worldwide

McDonald’s has 39000+ restaurants in 120 countriesaround the world, thus making big news, year after year for its great delivery. What started in the United States, has gone to be a global business that is affected by inflation rates and cost of living. Big brownie points to the chain as they are usually consistent with their charges always, from Christmas to Easter. Customers really like McDonald's for its items unlike anything else. Its impeccable delivery style says a lot about the quality of its items and always hits the home run. The prices obviously depend on factors like what you order from its menu, how free the country is with its fast food laws, and how new McDonald’s is in that particular country. Customers worldwide have accepted the fast food chain over the years, due to the delivery of some great rates time and time again.

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Most expensive McDonald’s Big Mac

As per The Sun, Lebanon ranks among the most costly McDonald’s burgers. An order of the Big Mac allegedly costs a colossal $21.89. And to add to this massive delivery index of costs, a large fries will burn $13.27 from your pocket and a large coke costs$9.29. Even a happy meal is said to be expensive here. Switzerland follows Lebanon when it comes to a costly menu. The rate for an average menu item, be it old or new, at McDonald's restaurants in these countries, is said to be exorbitant.

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Cheapest McDonald’s Big Mac

Indonesia bags this prize as the prices are so low, it is close to free. An order of a Big Mac burger in Indonesia is the opposite of expensive, at just $2.41 a burger. Even an order of the happy meal is sold at only $2.52, making its price index lower than the Big Mac burger in the United States. The next on the line for a low price is Malaysia. Be it a chicken burger, or its classic cheeseburger, everything points to a happy meal any day of the year, given the going rate. Any photo of the menu items in these parts of the world guarantees its delivery in quality and prices that drive home happiness that feels like Christmas.

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