McDonald's: Here are most special menu items found around the world

From burgers, and pies, to McFlurry's, McDonald's in every part of the world has some special menu items, here's what they are.

McDonald's special menu items around the world
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McDonald's special menu items around the world

Who said McDonald’s does just chicken patty burgers or cheese-burgers? Although the origins of the fast food chain started with its classic burger with cheese, bacon, and fries, it has grown over time, to be the new refined version it is today. Now, with so many items on the menu, every bite you order and is served feels like heaven. With flavorful, crispy, fried treats, every dish available to order, from Hong Kong to the United States, gives a taste of the locations it's from. McDonald's today is a global icon, that is shared by the world, and has surpassed every other chain that specializes in chicken.

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With diverse menu items that change based on one’s locations, McDonald’s loves to mix up its OG sandwich by including bacon, beef/chicken, cheese, egg, and a secret sauce, depending on the dish. And to top it off, its legendary fries take your fast food dining to a whole new level. Courtesy of McDonald's anyone can enjoy fast food, be it a humble burger, fries topped with cheese, or a great sausage sandwich.

Over time, McDonald’s menu has experimented with sausage, egg, chicken/beef, and other common ingredients to churn out something unique. With some great fried fast food, it is more than just the Mac. It stands for bringing experimental burgers to the table, that are best shared, whether on Instagram as a post, or with loved ones. From New Zealand and Hong Kong to McDonald’s Japan, every location has its unique items on the menu.

Maharaja Mac

The Big Mac has seen so many forms around the globe, over time. It is no surprise that the Big Mac is one of McDonald’s popular hits. Other than this classic item, McDonald’s has really experimented with burgers, creating blockbuster burgers such as its black white burger, gratin croquette burger with or without tomato, crispy chicken, quarter pounder beef/chicken cheese burger, and so on. With a juicy beef patty, every burger is assembled to perfection with tomato, cheese, bacon, and a classic sauce that will make you swoon.

The Maharaja Mac courtesy of the McDonald's India menu has also gone on to become a global sensation, although it doesn't have beef, and is made with chicken.

Maharaja Mac

Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry

The iconic McFlurry served at McDonald's is truly one-of-a-kind. From Japan to India, the classic McFlurry has taken so many forms to make any meal, breakfast or dinner, a big success. With various chocolate flavors, like the Cadbury creme egg, the McFlurry is topped with various kinds of sauce and sweet elements. Not to forget the aesthetic value it brings to any Instagram post of it, with likes and shares pouring in.


Taro and pineapple pies

No one relates McDonald's to pies, but trust us, it's the real deal. From Japan to India, McDonald's serves a well-liked pie. With regional flavors that change from country to country, there are some great pies available. China's Taro and pineapple pies are unique options to try. And its pies truly take you around the world, with just a bite of the item. And makes a great breakfast, be it their apple pie or chocolate pie.

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Hash brown McMuffin

McDonald's shook things up when they made the McMuffin available on their menu. The fast-food chain's iconic item combines all the flavors of your choice, and always gets the 'like button' on every Instagram post shared of it, courtesy of the creativity that goes in it. Topped with tomato, cheese, bacon, egg, beef/chicken, or the sauce of your choice, it is served all over the world.

However, there is one version of the McMuffin that beats all the rest and it is served with another popular menu item - hash browns!

This is more of a hack than a real menu item, but it is very widely used all over the world. All you need to do is add a hash brown inside your McMuffin and you're good to go!


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McDonald's: Here are the most unique menu items around the world McDonald's: Here are the most unique menu items around the world