McDonald's: Here are some of their best limited edition menu items

From special pies, to whacky burgers, McDonald's special edition limited menu will blow your mind away.

McDonald's: Here are some of their best limited edition menu items
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McDonald's: Here are some of their best limited edition menu items

McDonald’s just loves to break away from monotony regarding its menu. The fast-food chain loves experimenting with its classic chicken sandwich, cheese, sauce, and so on to create a unique seasonal sandwich. McDonald's restaurant has proven that their food, from the iconic McFlurry, to a bacon cheese chicken burger, is a game above other restaurants in the world. It has united customers from all walks of life, from big CEO to low-wage workers with its all-time great shared meals.

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From curating a special breakfast menu to a Christmas menu, McDonald’s as a fast-food chain just loves to make do with limited-edition menu items from time to time. By creating one-of-a-kind food items, every other Instagram post shared worldwide features a distinctively new kind of McDonald’s chicken sandwich or burger. Needless to say, their special menu has united people from all over the world, be it the United States or Hong Kong.

McDonald's: Here are some of their best limited edition menu items Matt Cardy / Contributor / Getty_Images

It is no fresh news that McDonald’s restaurants worldwide feature some whacky limited edition menus that give a facelift to its generic Big Mac, crispy chicken burger, french fries, and so on. Here are some limited menu items that are well-loved and shared by customers everywhere year after year.

Seasonal french fries

Seasonal french fries picture alliance / Contributor / Getty_Images

Nothing says ‘Instagram post-worthy’ like unique french fries. The shared snack has taken new forms with McDonald’s upping their french fry game every year. From New York to Hong Kong, it has just taken some amazing forms. Curly, seaweed, kimchi, masala, salt, and pepper, you name it, McDonald’s has done it. And it is nothing short of awesome-sauce. And all the flavors go great with its classic McFlurry or as a side with the Mac or chicken sandwich.

Quarter pounder

Quarter pounder McDonald's Corporate Website

Who says McDonald’s is just about the chicken burger and Big Macs? The quarter-pounder burger is a view on its own and sets the tone for a delicious meal, breakfast, or dinner. Topped with tons of cheese and a great sauce, the golden arches really pulled out the big guns, or should we say buns, with this one. It is a great alternative to the Big Mac fries combo and goes well with bacon, egg, and the crispy bun. The big portion makes a great shared meal, any day of the week, and is even great to post on Instagram. The freshly baked sesame seed bun always hits all the spots with customers who have been going there for years.

Limited ed pies

McDonald’s loves to play with its desserts. And the pies available are proof of that. Every other post shared online, is of a unique McDonald’s pie. With taro, Cadbury creme egg, apple, peach, and banana, every season sees a special pie. Needless to say, every bite feels like Christmas morning. While many flavors come and go, some of the best flavors have made it to the heart of the people eating them. The pie is a great view for sore eyes, and the outlets make it fresh, come what may.

Limited ed pies

Prosperity Burger

Another item people love and view as unique is the Prosperity burger. This item defines McDonald's as the global restaurant it is, as the best ingredients go into it. Over the years, the fast food chain has made news for good Christmas special food, but this one is truly unique. Available in many outlets in the United States but also other countries in the world, this dish features a lovely chicken/beef patty in between its classic buns, which makes it a good meal, shared with a loved one. It is great for breakfast or lunch and unites the world, be it, executives or workers. Wash it down with a McFlurry, and call it a great day.

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McDonald's: Here are the most popular menu items of the fast-food chain McDonald's: Here are the most popular menu items of the fast-food chain