McDonald's customer left horrified after finding cigarette butt in son's Happy Meal

A mom was left utterly baffled and disgusted, as her child finds this unacceptable thing inside his McDonald's fries.

McDonald's food cigarette ash found inside by child
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McDonald's food cigarette ash found inside by child

McDonald's fans can't seem to catch a break. Earlier, news had surfaced of some diners who were left disgusted after being served raw Chicken McNuggets, while some families were left shocked after finding box cutters inside their children's Happy Meal boxes.

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Now, as reported by The Mail, a mom was left horrified after finding cigarette end and ash inside the McDonald's fries that her child was in the middle of eating!

Earlier, in another somewhat similar incident, another McDonald's customer found a vape inside daughter's Happy Meal box. Here's what happened in this case.

Mother finds cigarette ash inside her child's food

Gemma Kirk-Bonner, the McDonald's customer in question, shared her family's ordeal via a Facebook post. She posted a photo of a box of McDonald's fries with clearly visible cigarette ash sitting on the bottom, mixed in with the food. She captioned the photo saying,

, forget the toy... now comes with cigarette end as ash for extra taste..... Phoned up to make a complaint but rudley spoken to then she put the phone down on me !!

As per the report, the mom of two brought McDonald's from the restaurant in Barrow-in-Furness, England, on Oct. 18.

The customer claims that McDonald's did not apologise to her yet Sera Cocora

She told The Mail,

I gave my three-year-old his without looking. Then I put my one-year-old in his high chair, and I was feeding him by hand. I was picking the [food] up for him
That’s when I noticed the ash and the cigarette in the box. It was disgusting. I was absolutely fuming. If I’d given the box to my three-year-old, he would have tried to eat it. He wouldn’t have known it was different.

Reactions to the incident

The mum has found McDonald's response to the incident unsatisfactory. She claims that the restaurant did not apologise to her yet. She says,

When I spoke to someone she said she was a manager, didn't apologise just put the phone down.

McDonald's franchisee of the Dalton Road restaurant, Mark Blundell told The Mail,

Food safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we place great emphasis on quality control and providing the highest standard to our customers of our Barrow-in-Furness restaurant.
We would encourage the customer to contact customer services so that we can properly investigate and help them find a resolution.

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McDonald's customer left horrified after finding a vape inside daughter's Happy Meal box McDonald's customer left horrified after finding a vape inside daughter's Happy Meal box