Studies show fast-food soda fountains contains 'high levels of bacteria'

You might want to reconsider getting that unlimited soft drink next time you eat at a fast-food restaurant.

fast-food soda fountains high levels of bacteria
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fast-food soda fountains high levels of bacteria

Earlier, experts had advised consumers to stop reusing your plastic water bottles, while another case made us aware of the possibility of contracting flesh eating bacteria from a popular food.

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Where you get your food and drinks can have very huge consequences for your health. You've already been given very good reasons why you should avoid sauce dispensers at fast-food restaurant, but scientists have now come up with findings that suggest you should probably avoid drinking from fast-food soda fountains too.

As reported by USA Today News, here's what a new study has found about the risks from fast-food soda fountains.

Scientists examined fast-food soda fountains and found this

A Loma Linda University backed research team collected water samples from fast-food soda fountains in the eastern Coachella Valley, with a largely low-income, Latino population, and found that more than 40% of these samples had coliforms, which is an indicator of contamination. The findings of the study were published earlier this year in Water Supply journal.

These water samples had bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. These can be extremely harmful for health. Though this study was contained in Coachella Valley, the findings have some horrible implications for soda fountains everywhere.

Researchers have called for more surveillance and regulation around fast-food soda fountains David Guerrero

Thomas Hile, the lead author of the study, is quoted by USA Today as saying,

We cannot say that soda fountain contamination is only in the eastern Coachella Valley. It’s a general problem that I believe is kind of overlooked.

Other studies have had similar findings about soda water fountains

The report states that there have been studies done earlier which also found soda and water fountains in the fast-food industry to be contaminated.

Earlier, a year-long study by Hollins University in Virginia found microbial contamination in soda fountains, and highlighted the serious lack of regulation of the tubing that's used in these fountains. The study also pointed out the necessity of having a solid system of inspection put in place to keep track of the quality of beverage delivery systems and the beverages themselves.

These contaminated drinks could prove to be especially harmful to fast-food consumers with low immunity. The latest study by Loma Linda University researchers recommend that more surveillance and regulation needs to be implemented on soda fountain machines at fast-food restaurants and water vending machines.

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