KFC customer left horrified as he find metal screw inside his fries

This KFC customer tucked into his French fries only to be surprised by a mouthful of metal.

KFC customer metal screw in fries
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KFC customer metal screw in fries

The latest news for fast-food lovers hasn't been all that great. Earlier in the month, a study reported that fast-food soda fountains contain such 'high levels of bacteria,' that we should all be avoiding them. Again, multiple instances of people finding something disgusting in their fast-food have been surfacing regularly.

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Now, as reported by Mirror, a KFC customer tucked into his fries only to be surprised with a mouthful of metal, almost ending up with 'a broken tooth.' In a different but equally horrible incident a couple of months ago, a McDonald's customer biting into his food, was left utterly shocked when he found a metal rod in his burger.

Here's what happened in this instance!

KFC customer find a metal screw in his food

25-year-old Callum Feehan from Gillingham, Kent, visited his neighbourhood KFC. As he started chewing the chips he got, he felt something 'rattling' between his teeth. Once he checked what it was, he was shocked to find a metal screw in his food! He recounts what happened saying,

I bought the meal and came home. I'd literally put a handful of chips in my mouth and I could feel something rattling around in my mouth, and when I pulled it out it was a fried screw. I could have broken a tooth - thankfully I didn't.

KFC's reaction to the incident has left the customer dissatisfied and 'fuming.' Feehan says

They don't seem to be concerned that I found it in my food.
KFC claims to be investigating the metal screw incident 'as a matter of urgency'  Steve Johnson

The customer feels KFC did not take their complaint seriously

Feehan recounts his experience of filing a complaint with the fast-food brand regarding his terrible ordeal saying,

I wasn't overly happy. I immediately contacted KFC on Twitter, or X now, and they completely ignored me for at least 48 hours.
It was only when I threatened them with Environmental Health that they replied. They asked for a photo and asked where it was purchased and said they'd get back to me. That was Sunday, but there's been nothing since.

This is what a KFC spokesperson has to say to Mirror, regarding the steps the brand is taking as a response to the incident,

We have strict processes in place to prevent any foreign objects from entering the food we serve. As a result, we take claims of this nature extremely seriously and can confirm our team is investigating as a matter of urgency. We are also in touch with Callum to keep him updated.

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KFC customer left horrified after eating something disgusting in her French fries KFC customer left horrified after eating something disgusting in her French fries