McDonald's customer horrified after biting into a metal rod in his burger

A McDonald's diner got the fright of his life, as he bit into his food only to be left writhing in shock and disgust.

McDonald's customer McChicken Burger metal rod
© Brett Jordan
McDonald's customer McChicken Burger metal rod

There seems to be no end to the range of weird, strange, and sometimes utterly disgusting things fast-food customers have found inside their food. Just earlier this year, one McDonald's customers bit into her burger only to find a nose ring in her Quarter Pounder, while another customer found a vape inside her daughter's Happy Meal box. In another instance, a person was left shocked after this 'disgusting' find inside their burger. Yuck!

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Unfortunately, Express just reported another news of a McDonald's customer taking a bite off their food only to be shocked at the unexpected contents inside it.

Man finds this inside McChicken burger

A couple who dined at McDonald's, had an unforgettable experience that left them scarred. They took to an online forum to share what happened. The man ordered a McChicken burger, and once he bit into his food, found something metallic inside. He checked his burger only to find that the object was a sharp metal rod, about an inch-long.

They were told by the staff at the restaurant that probably the rod was from a food thermometer, used to check the temperatures of the burgers. The sharp end of the probe might have broken off, and stayed in the food!

The staff also told the couple that they had been looking for the thermometer.

It is surmised that the rod is from a food thermometer Sigrid Gombert

People react to the horrible find inside McDonald's food

The news left people shocked and appalled by the poor way in which the McDonald's restaurant handled food safety.

One former McDonald's manager commented,

They do temperature checks two to three times a day.
It literally might have just happened but how they did not realise when they pulled it out is crazy.
Ask to speak to the store manager and the franchiser and complain.

Another former employee added,

They poke the chicken patty only two centimetres in to test the temperature for it to be ok to serve to customers. They don't poke it the whole way in.
So for that to be 'lost' I call BS.

Express reports that a McDonald's spokesperson has informed that the company is currently investigating the matter.

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