McDonald's customer left baffled by mysterious 'black and mushy' find in her hash brown

This McDonald's customer ended up with a hash brown that not only tasted weird, but looked extremely questionable from the inside.

McDonald's customer mysterious 'black and mushy' McDonald's hash brown
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McDonald's customer mysterious 'black and mushy' McDonald's hash brown

McDonald's original menu items never fails to tickle the taste-buds of its fans. But not every trip to the fast-food chain ends on a good note, as many unfortunate customers have learnt over the years.

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As reported by Yahoo, a McDonald's customer bit into her hash brown only to discover that its contents were both mysterious and gross in equal measure.

Though this incident might be arguable safer than biting into a metal rod in a burger, the customer has been left puzzled and disgusted.

McDonald's customer served a mysterious hash brown

Tori Dent and her friend were on a 6-hour drive from New South Wales to Queensland. Early in the morning, they stopped for breakfast at a McDonald's restaurant along the Mid-North Coast.

They picked up the food from the drive-thru. Tori handed her friend her food, and took a bite off the hash brown that she ordered for herself. What followed was a disgusting ordeal.

The customer has been unable to figure out what exactly was inside her food Polina Tankilevitch

Tori recounts the incident to Yahoo,

I was in the passenger seat so I ordered online with the MyMaccas app for drive-thru pick up in Taree. I handed my friend her food while she drove and by the time I had my first bite we were back on the highway.

McDonald's hash brown with mysterious contents

She discovered there was something seriously wrong with her food which was completely 'black and mushy' inside. She says,

When I took my bite I noticed it was black. It was just black and mushy looking and looked disgusting.
Without chewing, I spate out my bite. My friend’s hash brown looked normal and she offered me half of hers, but I was off it and said no.

She posted a photo of the hash brown with completely blackened filling inside on Facebook. Needless to say, people were grossed out as well, with some commenters asking if its 'deep-fried Oreo' or just 'burnt' inside.

McDonald's Australia have responded to the incident saying they are investigating the matter.

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