McDonald's: 5 bizarre menu items you didn't know existed around the world

From China, and Japan, to Australia and Canada, McDonald's serves some creative items that aren't just burger and fries.

McDonald's: 5 bizarre menu items that exist around the world
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McDonald's: 5 bizarre menu items that exist around the world

McDonald’s is THE fast food restaurant that has nailed the art of catering to a region-specific audience around the world. Be it a humble burger, or fries,McDonald's menus serve popular items that redefine what food means globally. Gone are the days when you walk into a local McDonald’s where they serve its iconic chicken McNuggets, pie, or sandwich with french fries that are available all the time.

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Unlike a typical restaurant with a uniform menu of food available worldwide, McDonald’s location-specific and limited menu shakes things up. Be it a burger, meat, sauce, cheese, sandwich, or pie, every McDonald’s outlets serve some popular fast food items for all the mac lovers out there. With creative limited-menu fried items with rice, fish, and egg, all chains of McDonald's serve fast food in record time.

McDonald's 5 most creatively bizarre menu items from around the world Bloomberg / Getty_Images

From the US to Hong Kong, and New Zealand, every McDonald’s restaurant around the world serves more than just its classic fried chicken, big mac, burger patty, sandwich, and even ice cream. Here is a look at the most bizarre menu items available around the world at different locations.

McDonald’s Japan: Shrimp burger

The fish-fillet burgers are a popular dish worldwide, despite not being a bestseller compared to the big mac. While most people prefer a fried beef or chicken patty between their buns with cheese, Japan’s Ebi Filet-O-Shrimp burgers are more than just fish. Being a huge hit in McDonald’s, Japan, the shrimp burger comes with a panko-covered patty, cheese, and some lip-smacking shrimp tempura sauce, between its soft bun. Top it up with some french fries, and bacon and it's like a dream come true. It’s Japan’s best-kept secret menu item at the iconic fast-food chain.

McDonald’s Japan: Shrimp burger Bloomberg / Getty_Images

McDonald’s China: Twisty pasta breakfast

Yes, you read that right, McDonald’s China locations have officially broken away from the traditional mac burger and fries, bacon rolls, fish items, rice, pie, and beef patties with cheese. Giving the McDonald’s menu a regional twist, China has stayed true to its authentic roots by serving its twisty pasta breakfast. Loaded with sausages and eggs, this item is like a noodle soup completed with traditional breakfast items and a hearty sauce. McDonald’s introduced this dish to bring traditional Chinese breakfast’s a global twist that isn't served in typical restaurants.

McDonald’s China: Twisty pasta breakfast Zhang Peng / Getty_Images

McDonald’s Philippines: Chicken McDo McSpaghetti

McDonald’s dishes around the world vastly vary, and this item just makes you question how important a bun even is for a McDonald's restaurant. Being a restaurant that gives basic food like french fries, ice cream, and chicken burgers a bizarre twist, no one is really surprised with how the Philippines incepted this dish. Bringing a dash of Italy to the table, the Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti, perfectly combines spaghetti, fried chicken, a signature sauce, and beef served on one wholesome plate. This one is a just bit hit, time and again, and is exclusively available in the Philippines McDonald's restaurants.

McDonald’s China: Mashed potato burger

This carb-loaded treat is unlike any other typical sesame seed bun beef patty burger served at your local McDonald’s locations. This one is a big deal in China, given that you could possibly never go wrong with extra potatoes and cheese. The classic mashed potato burger gives a facelift to your regular chicken/beef burger bun by topping it with some creamy mashed potato and sauce. With two patties and bacon, this sandwich is one of those secret menu items that would taste great with some egg and extra bacon. This sounds like it has the potential to be the new mac and could give other restaurants a run for their money.

McDonald’s Australia: Bubblegum Squash McFlurry

It is no fresh news that McDonald’s always caters to individuals with a sweet tooth. Besides its ice cream and pie that varies according to the McDonald’s locations, the McFlurry just helps in hitting the sweet spots. While Canada gets credit for introducing the legendary McFlurry into the market, the world has seen some sweet flavors such as the chocolate Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry. But Australia took Canada's innovation to a whole new level with the bubblegum squash flavor. The electric blue drink is drizzled with bubblegum syrup and is definitely not for those days when you’re counting calories.

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