McDonald's secret menu hacks that will make your bill cheaper

From ordering the right burger combo, to using the right vouchers, here are some smart hacks to save money while eating at McDonald's

McDonald's secret menu hacks that will make your bill cheaper
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McDonald's secret menu hacks that will make your bill cheaper

Did you know that you can use some secret menu hacks to reduce your bill on an item you buy from a McDonald’s menu? You don't need to wait for Christmas day or New Year, to find the will to ask the restaurants for big discounts or extra items. You can just enjoy a meal, be it a McMuffin, sandwich, or apple pie, at reduced prices, using a secret hack.

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From the Big Mac to a chicken burger and fries, there is a secret hack so that your McDonald’s order gives you the best value. You can add the breakfast food you like and want, and enjoy some great value. From the McChicken and the breakfast egg McMuffin, to its iconic McFlurry and ice cream sandwich, you can add some extra items all year round to your food without it being expensive. By choosing the right patties, and sauce alone, you can turn any breakfast, lunch, or dinner, into a value dining experience. With secret menu items that will make your day, here are some all-time famous ways to order from McDonald’s wherein you don't pay a bomb.

Save up on toppings

Picture this: you are at a McDonald’s self-service kiosk buying a Big Mac or chicken burger. Now, as you customize your order, you can add various menu items for free, post placing the order for a burger or egg McMuffin. Be it mayo, or sauce, there are so many McDonald’s secret menu hacks that help you save money at the chain. This is a popular way to save money, and this concept is viral on Instagram with so many posts.

The burger hack

You can turn any ordinary chicken or beef burger to taste like the Big Mac, with just some extra toppings. Order a cheeseburger or double cheeseburger of your choice, and throw in some of the toppings such as lettuce, cheese, or fries, and voila, you have yourself a tastier burger but not as expensive. By opting for cheaper patties, any family or individual that need or want to enjoy discounts can easily do so.

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Say no to ice

McDonald’s serves some great drinks, but the ice in them dilutes their value. When you are at the fast food chain, just ask them to avoid it with your order. This is a secret that will give you more drinks, be it soda or a root beer, time after time. Even for cream milkshakes, you can make them more valuable by avoiding ice.

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The app

The hottest app for food is not Instagram, but it is the McDonald's app. With the best value menu, the app offers so many discounts. Be it an apple pie, or a McChicken, the best family offers for any meal are available on the app. With special offers on Christmas and New Year, you can put all your eggs in one basket given the offers on the app.

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Student special

Not many people know or ask this, but students get some special menu hacks, that will make your day. McDonald’s secret is that students are eligible for a free McFlurry, or burger if they have a valid student ID card. Ask your server when you order a Big Mac, fries, or any other menu item.

Vouchers FTW

A voucher can go a long way in reducing your McDonald's bills. Every other post on Instagram features a smart customer optimally using a voucher to avail great prices. Be it an apple pie, a Christmas menu, or free ice cream, there are so many vouchers that offer something unique. Some are even granted by local outlets if you post about them on social media or Instagram.

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