Christmas: This is the worst present to give your loved-ones, according to science

Haven't bought any Christmas presents yet? According to a British study, you'd better face the shopping crowds as soon as possible. Because there's one thing you should never get for Christmas.

worst Christmas present ever money family gift
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worst Christmas present ever money family gift

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it comes the annual stress of buying presents on time. Those who are really behind are faced with a difficult choice: searching for a 'real' gift at the last minute, or taking the easy way out by offering a gift card or cash. However, it would be preferable to opt for the first choice, according to this study...

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Don't give money at Christmas

A study by the University of Exeter, England, shows that giving money at Christmas is not necessarily well received in our society! The researchers questioned young adults and their mothers on the subject on several occasions.

The first two sessions showed that gift-givers always prefer to give a real gift, and that it doesn't matter whether the alternative is money or a voucher.

Secondly, the study showed that if young adults are forced to put money under the Christmas tree, they often give more than double the value of their actual financial limit in cash, because they wouldn't feel comfortable otherwise.

The emotional value of a gift

In the final round of interviews, the mothers who took part in the study indicated that they would naturally be happier to receive a classic gift, even if they didn't say so openly. So the results of the study are clear.

As you've probably guessed, the value of a gift goes far beyond the price it costs. A gift is also an expression of esteem for your loved ones, showing them that you've taken the time to think about giving them something they'll enjoy. And this has just been confirmed by a study.

However, there are exceptions. Of course, some people prefer to receive money, because it allows them to buy something they'll use and/or enjoy. But let's face it, a gift card has far less impact than that special gift that comes from the heart, that your crush or loved one has struggled to find, even if it means playing spy among your friends and family!

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This is why you shouldn't give money as a Christmas present, according to a study This is why you shouldn't give money as a Christmas present, according to a study