Resell unwanted Christmas gifts you can’t return, here's how

Did you get a Christmas gift you’ll never use but no receipt to return or exchange it? No problem. You can still benefit from its value and even earn some cash by reselling it. Here is where and how to do it.

Make money on unwanted Christmas gifts you can’t return
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Make money on unwanted Christmas gifts you can’t return

Something unwanted by you can be highly desired by someone else, so why not put your ill-sized and unfit Christmas presents this winter? While you can always re-gift or donate the items, making some cash from them in the midst of the cost of living crisiscan be a better option. Here is where to turn to make the most money.

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eBay: With an auction or without

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Online auction site eBay is a popular choice for those wanting to sell new or second-hand items.

You don’t have to pay to register on the site and can list up to 1,000 items a month for free auction for one, three, five, seven or 10 days.

If you want your auction to last fewer than three days and you're not an eBay shop subscriber, you'll have to pay 35p per item and hand the platform 10% of the final price when the item sells.

Facebook: Free listing and no fees

Facebook’s Marketplace allows you to buy and sell items with people in your community.

It’s a fairly easy process to list your item - all you have to do is upload a photo, write a full description and list the price.

You don’t have to pay to list your items and unlike eBay, Facebookdoesn’t take a cut of the final price.

In May this year, the research found that selling on Facebookearns you more money than on eBaynearly three times out of four.

Gumtree: for a sale in person

Posted by Gumtree UK on Friday, January 11, 2019

Gumtree is mostly free to use but sometimes charges a fee depending on which category you post in and the location you’re posting from. Generally, as a private seller, you shouldn’t have to pay to post an advert in the 'for sale' section of the website.

Transactions tend to take place in person where you’ll probably have to meet the buyer to exchange the item. When you meet them, make sure they have checked over the item you’re selling and if they pay in cash, check the bank notes to make sure they’re not fake.

Etsy: For one-of-a-kind, quirky items

If you’ve got some more quirky items you don’t want to hold on to, you could list them on Etsy.

The online marketplace is popular for handmade items, artwork, jewellery and clothing.

The fees are slightly higher than other online sites as you have to pay 15p for every listing. Etsy also takes a 5% transaction fee and a 4% plus 20p processing fee.

Depop: Best for clothes

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Depop is a mobile marketplace where you can list items such as clothing, shoes, books and art through its app.

You just snap a photo of the item on your phone and then list it on the app for free.

Like eBay, Depop charges a 10% fee as well as the PayPal transaction fee of 3.4%, plus 20p of the final sale price.

Sell gift cards

If you've been given a gift cardyou're unlikely to use, you can unlock its value by selling it or swapping it for a gift card at another retailer on websites like Cardyard and Zapper.

Keep in mind that you generally won't get the full value in cash.

To sell a gift card on Cardyard, you'll just need to provide some details of the card gift and send it to the firm to validate it. It takes a 19% fee cuton gift cards if you decide to sell it for cash, or just under 15% if you sell it for credit to buy another gift card.

For example, a Topshop gift card worth £20 will give you £16.20 in cash or £17.01 in credit.

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Here's what you can do with unwanted Christmas presents you can't exchange in store Here's what you can do with unwanted Christmas presents you can't exchange in store