Here are our best tips on reapplying SPF over makeup

SPF is essential for healthy skin, but reapplying it over a full face of makeup every two hours is enough to put anyone off. Luckily, we have some tricks to help you out.

Here are Our Best Tips On Reapplying SPF Over Makeup
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Here are Our Best Tips On Reapplying SPF Over Makeup

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times already, but we’re going to repeat it: if you can see without the light on, you need to wear SPF. No matter what your skin concern, sunscreen should be the number one ingredient on your list. But, while we all know the importance of protecting our skins from UVA and UVB damage, we can’t argue that reapplying SPF every few hours isn’t an absolute chore.

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Even the biggest sunscreen stans know the pain of SPF reapplication. Not only do you need actually to remember to re-slather every 2-4 hours, but in many cases, you’re also left having to repaint your mug too. But don’t let it put you off, as we have a few tricks up our sleeve that will help you reapply your SPF without having to redo your makeup.

1. Start strong

Even if your makeup boasts an SPF 30, it’s best to start your routine with some sunscreen anyway. Using an SPF 50 is ideal for giving your skin the best start to the day, with guaranteed UV protection for the first few hours. Some hydrating SPFs even double as a primer, so you know your makeup will sit perfectly on top.

2. Use a creamy SPF

If you don’t want to lose the texture of your makeup when you reapply your SPF, then it’s best to use a sunscreen that can match it. Creamy sunscreen and hydrating SPF gels can easily blend with the texture of your foundation without creating any unwanted buildup. Taking it a step further, go for an SPF that you know won’t leave you with a white cast. Chemical sunscreens are the perfect option here as they tend to be more transparent and lightweight.

3. Blot on your sunscreen with a beauty sponge

If you’re worried that reapplying your sunscreen will smudge your mug, try using a low-absorbency beauty sponge to blot on your sun protection. This will ensure your SPF is applied evenly but with minimal interference.

4. Use an SPF setting spray

Spray-on sunscreens have long been a hands-free gamechanger, allowing you to reapply your UV shield with minimal effort. Some SPF sprays even double as a setting spray. This means not only can you avoid disrupting your makeup, but you can even help your maquillage last longer.

5. Try an SPF powder or compact

If you tend to get a little oily and want to maintain a matte look throughout the day, then SPF powders and compacts will be your best friend. All you need to do is dust the powder over the face and lightly blend in a circular motion.

Plus, SPF powders and compacts are designed to be portable so that you can reapply on the go. We recommend keeping one in your bag, your care and even in your office draw!

6. Keep some blush handy

While these tips may help minimise any makeup disturbance during SPF reapplication, it’s still understandable that you may lose a spot of colour here or there. So, make sure to keep some concealer and a blush stick handy to easily add back any lost coverage.

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