Dark circles: The newest trend taking over the makeup community

Not everyone is brave enough to go makeup-free. We've been conditioned to hide our pores, zits, pimples, freckles—basically, all those things that make us human. A new TikTok trend might have us going back au naturel, though.

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What if we told you that you could wake up from bed, wash your face and leave the house without trying to conceal those under-eye circles that make you look like you've just come back from a 3-day music festival? The latest makeup buzz is all about embracing your dark circles, and we are here for it!

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Read on to find out what the new fad is all about, and how to go about reproducing it.

Hello, dark circles, my old friend


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Dark circles, the new trend!

That's right, dark circles are all the rage! Who would have thought? The new trend on TikTok has garnered about a million likes. It is called the ‘Faking under-eye bags’ trend, and it consists of painting dark circles under the eyes, to give the face a raw, sexy appearance.

Many individuals were hesitant to participate at first, since under-eye bags have long been a source of insecurity for many people. If you're not ready to take those babies out for a spin, don't worry. Here are some tips to reduce the appearance of dark circles naturally.

However, the TikTok youth community has now deemed them 'hot' and 'cool.'

And now, the makeup community has then been embracing this new fad. A young influencer, named Sara Carstens, has been gaining a lot of views on her reels. She was one of the many firsts who tried the trend with the thought of embracing her own dark circles, as it is a part of your 'natural beauty.'

In one of her captions, Sara left a sarcastic note, which read:

People on TikTok are drawing under-eye circles on when I try everything to get rid of mine- pls!

The trend guru further told TMRW:

I have them genetically, and they were always very intense. A lot of people have struggled/still struggle with their dark eye bags/circles, and now we finally see the aesthetic and beauty in them.

Tips and tricks

This two-step process will ensure you get a rugged look for the face, which seems

au naturel.

  • Use your pinkie or a brush, such as MAC 287 Pinceau Double Fibre, a bit of Kohl or any other dark eye shadow colours or the shades which you might use to contour your face
  • Then, take a soft sponge, or the tip of your finger and just smudge it in a singular direction, right under the eyes, to give it a tired-eye feel

Now that under-eye bags and dark circles have been declared a beauty trend, stay tuned to watch what unfolds next.

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