Simple tricks to remove dark circles naturally

Tired of waking up with dark circles under your eyes? We've got all the tips you need to get rid of them naturally... in the blink of an eye!

Dark circles
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Dark circles

Lack of sleep, exhaustion, stress, vascular problems... there are many reasons why you may find yourself with dark circles and tired eyes. But don't panic, there are solutions to make your eyes look less puffy.

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How to reduce dark circles naturally?

A few simple ingredients that are easy to find at home will effectively help you fight against those unsightly blue halos.

Cucumber slices, tea leaves, coconut oil, aloe vera and anti-hemorrhoid cream (yes, that's right!) are all easy ways to get your eyes back to sparkling! You can also invest in a massage device to increase the effects tenfold.

But that's not all. We tend to forget it, but cold water, even iced water, can decongest the eyes in an instant.

Ice for an awakened look

Cold is an excellent way to boost microcirculation in this fragile area of the face. It also encourages cellular exchanges thanks to the reactionary effect of vasodilatation, which allows the swelling of the eyes to be reduced.

Certain techniques are already well known: in the freezer, two cotton pads soaked in water or two metal spoons are placed on top of each other and allowed to cool. You then place the cotton pad or spoon under your eyes and leave it for about fifteen minutes before going on with your skin care routine.

But in the last few weeks another tip has appeared on social networks, and more particularly on TikTok! It's called the ice stick technique.

To make it, you need:

  • Mineral water
  • An old tube of balm or lipstick


  • Clean the tube with a cotton swab
  • Fill the tube with mineral water
  • Place in the freezer for a few hours
  • And there you have it! All you have to do is apply your ice cream stick under your eyes. If your skin is sensitive, you can do this on a tissue or a clean cloth.
  • Once used, place the stick back in the freezer to keep it frosted until the next time you use it.

To increase your chances of reducing dark circles, you may want to combine this tip with other proven techniques.

Other natural elements to remove puffiness

While the cold instantly helps to restore a fresh look, it's not the only one. Slices of cucumber (taken from the fridge), placed on the eyes, rehydrate and deflate the bags under the eyes. Leave on for about ten minutes.

Cooled tea bags will bring instant relief to even the most tired eyes. The tannins and antioxidants in the tea (especially green tea) will help to relieve congestion in your eyes. After brewing your tea, simply place the bags in a cool place. Once cooled, place them on your eyes for about ten minutes.

The anti-hemorrhoid cream may seem strange, but it helps boost microcirculation around the eyes and reduce dark circles and puffiness: it's one of the favourite tricks of the stars' make-up artists! Avoiding touching the eye, massage the eyelid from the inside to the outside in micro-circles to revitalise the eye contour.

Get Rid Of Dark Circles In 30 Seconds With This Simple Tip Get Rid Of Dark Circles In 30 Seconds With This Simple Tip