Here's A Simple Method To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Farah Dhukai uses a cheap, quick, and simple method to whiten her teeth using all natural ingredients. And like magic, they look sparkly white again. Watch the video and try this technique at home to get a beautiful smile.

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Instagram is full of beauty tricks and tips revealing the secrets behind the perfect smile. This video from Farah Dhukai shows how to naturally whiten your teeth. Even though you won't see a drastic difference after the first time you try it, if you do this as a routine a few times a week, you'll see results after a few weeks. The reason is that these ingredients combine together removes plaque which causes discolouration.

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Effective, natural, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, get a healthy whiter smile within minutes. Here is a recipe for a beautiful smile :

How To Whiten Teeth


1. Tumeric powder

2. Coconut oil


1. Mix tumeric powder with coconut oil

2. Brush teeth for 5 minutes

3. Rinse thoroughly

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