Clean and disinfect your washing machine with these simple tricks

Used on a daily basis, the washing machine gets dirty and needs regular maintenance. Here are the best tips to clean it efficiently and without chemicals.

Clean and disinfect your washing machine with these simple tricks
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Clean and disinfect your washing machine with these simple tricks

A washing machine is among the household appliances that are essential to our daily lives. But although it makes chores a lot easier, it ends up getting clogged and greasy too.

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Regular cleaning is key for optimising its operation and extending its life.

Dust, dirt from our clothes, detergent residues, lime scale, stale water, and other factors contribute to developing bad smells and even mildew in the washing machine. To keep it clean and to make sure that your clothes are always fresh, have a look at these easy-to-use tips.

Here is how to avoid chemicals

Posted by ECMS Ltd on Monday, November 7, 2022

White vinegar in combination with baking soda can work miracles for your washing machine.

They disinfect, clean, add shine, and remove stains. If you had to keep only two things for maintaining your house clean, opt for these essentials. They completely natural and free from chemicals.

The cleaning method

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To thoroughly clean your washing machine, completely empty it and make sure there are no clothes left inside. Pour half a bottle of white vinegar directly into the drum and add 6 tablespoons of baking soda. Start an empty cycle at a temperature not lower than 60°C.

How to get rid of bad odours in a washing machine?

After a few years of operation, your washing machine can start smelling funny, and it can affect your clothes.

To get rid of the bad odour, make sure you always leave the machine door open when it's not in use.

If the smell persists, consider checking the condition of the inner parts of the machine. The residues there can transform into moulds and deteriorate the quality of the washing. Clean them first before planning for any replacements.

Here is how to clean the detergent tub

The tub where you put the detergent and the softener also needs to be cleaned regularly.

As you use it more and more, water and detergent residues can end up stagnating in it and mildew can develop. To avoid it, leave the drawer open when the machine is not in use to allow the water to evaporate.

The advantage of this part of the machine is that it is often detachable.

When you run your machine, don't forget to put some white vinegar in the tub so it gets a little cleaner too.

Here is how to clean the washing machine filter

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A washing machine filter collects dirt, threads and other residues that escape our clothes during washing. When it is clogged, it can sometimes cause a malfunction or even a leak, so it is essential to check and clean it regularly.

Consult the manual of your appliance to disassemble the filter without damaging it to rinse it and make it look new.

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