Here are the 10 places you always forget to clean at home

Often, when we're cleaning, certain areas and nooks and crannies get overlooked...Here are the top 10 places we don't think about cleaning...but really need to.

Here are the 10 places we always forget to clean at home!
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Here are the 10 places we always forget to clean at home!

Cleaning is a task that you either love or hate. If you are part of the ones that hate cleaning, there may be places in your home that you don't necessarily think about cleaning. These places are ones you don't think about but you see every day.

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However, just like your bedsheets and floors, these are places that need to be cleaned every now and then if you want a nice clean home.

Clean your walls

Our walls surround us and are, in the end, the only thing in our home that doesn't change. And yet it's the thing we take the least care of on a daily basis. Walls get dirty, and much dirtier than you might think. It's not unusual for marks to appear when you remove a picture or a garland. Don't panic, just clean your walls regularly with a damp sponge and baking soda.

Don't forget your window frames

Most people regularly take a look at their windows and wash them when they notice smears and dirt. But the window frame is the forgotten part of this cleaning session. And it's usually dirty. So use black soap and water, for approved effectiveness!

Putting your curtains in the washing machine

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If there's one decorative object that collects dust and dirt, it's curtains! The centrepiece of a living room or bedroom, curtains are rarely (if ever) washed. Yet it's important to put them in the washing machine or take them to the dry cleaners for the more delicate ones.

Don't forget to clean the back of the furniture

Dust accumulates in record time on our furniture. So we clean them regularly, with a sponge or cloth. But most of us forget to give it a good scrub at the back. This is often where the dirt is found.

Cleaning switches and sockets...

If walls need regular cleaning, so do switches and sockets. It's even a priority, since these little boxes are touched, several times a day, by members of the household, friends, and family. In short, they're a real breeding ground for bacteria. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and soapy water, and be extra careful with the plug sockets as you don't want to electrocute yourself.

Cleaning the fridge

Here too, there's work to be done. Sort regularly! Throw out your out-of-date products, disinfect your refrigerators before putting your products back in, and clean up any traces of sauce that may have leaked out. Any kind of detergent and a sponge will do the trick!

If you need more help cleaning your fridge, we have a whole article dedicated to just that!

Cleaning your appliances

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Coffee machine, kettle, juicer, blender, microwave. It's important to give your appliances a good scrubbing. Remove limescale from the kettle, crumbs from the toaster, or coffee residues from your coffeemaker. All you need is a sponge and a household cleaner!

Garbage cans can be cleaned!

Ideally, you should clean it every time you change your garbage bag. Yes, really. Odours are stubborn and can sometimes remain impregnated in your garbage even after you've thrown away your Thursday lunch fish wrapper fill it with very hot water and any detergent, let it soak, rinse, and then dry.

Wash the washing machine

Just as dirty clothes need washing, so does what you use to wash them! In fact, it's important to clean your washing machine. Using lukewarm water, a cloth and an all-purpose cleaner, remove wool residues from around the drum and clean the seals and filter. Nothing too complicated.

If you need more help cleaning your washing machine, we have a whole article dedicated to just that!

Don't forget your oven

Regularly degreasing your oven is a must. Use baking soda mixed with white vinegar. Let the mixture sit in your oven for 2 hours. Then wipe with a sponge and you're done!

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These are the spots everyone forgets to clean in their home, and they're surprisingly dirty These are the spots everyone forgets to clean in their home, and they're surprisingly dirty