Here's how to clean your television screen without scratching it

Has your TV gotten dusty? To clean it without scratching it or leaving any trace, we reveal our unbeatable trick to make it shine again.

Here's how to clean your television screen without scratching it
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Here's how to clean your television screen without scratching it

Like all the furniture, plants, and other textiles that decorate our home, household appliances and high-tech devices also collect dust and require a regular wipe down. Among them, we find the television screen, which thanks to its black colour immediately highlights the slightest trace. But how to clean it easily, without damaging it? We explain everything.

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TV screen: How to clean it without damaging it?

While for some objects or furniture, a cloth, a little water, white vinegar and baking soda are enough, things are more complicated for a television. It is out of the question to spray a corrosive cleaning product based on alcohol or bleach directly on the screen, which would certainly make all the traces disappear, but would risk damaging it permanently.

Beyond the comfort you can get from a television set without traces or stains while watching your favourite series or movie, to maintain it regularly contributes to its good functioning. A dirty appliance, whose connections could be obstructed, heats up more quickly, which can damage its components.

These tips are also valid for all the other screens in your home (such as the computer screen), which also need a little cleaning! So, how to proceed?

1. Turn off the television

This way, you'll be able to see the dirt and marks much better. It will therefore be easier to remove everything.

2. Opt for a soft or microfibre cloth

To avoid scratching your flat screen, the best advice is to use a soft cloth. The ideal is to opt for a microfibre version, well known for its soft texture that will remove all the dust in no time without the risk of scratching the screen. You can also use a feather duster that will gently remove all traces.

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How to clean your television without scratching it or leaving marks Marques Kaspbrak / Unsplash

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3. Use white vinegar

To clean your screen, there's no need to break the bank. Mix white vinegar with hot water, then soak a microfibre cloth (remember to wring it out well, it just needs to be damp but definitely not soggy), before passing it over the screen.

4. Clean the frame

The more dirt accumulates on the frame, the more deposits will be left on the screen. Moreover, a dirty device may overheat and therefore get damaged, hence why you should clean it regularly! If you're able to, do not hesitate to pass a feather duster or cloth behind the screen during your cleaning session.

Cleaning a TV screen: What are the mistakes to avoid?

Of course, if you do not want to damage your screen by cleaning it, avoid liquid and corrosive cleaning products. They can deteriorate the surface and thus shorten the life of your device.

Finally, in order not to leave any traces in the middle of your TV screen, keep a dry cloth on hand. It will be very useful to remove the last residues, the excess of products and to leave the television like new!

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