These Are The Filthiest Parts Of Your Home That Everyone Forgets To Clean

It’s springtime and it’s time to do your spring cleaning? To help you out, here are the dirtiest places in your home that we often forget about when cleaning. Take note!

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In the bedroom

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We don’t think about them very much, and yet, there are lots of places that we forget about when it comes to cleaning our bedrooms. For example, the mattress. Strangely, we clean our sheets and linens every week, but often forget about the most important thing! To keep it nice and clean, all you have to do is pass the vacuum over it. You should also try to remember your sockets and switches, just wiping them with a cloth will be enough. Finally, don’t forget your door handles! They are a nesting place for bacteria!

In the kitchen

There are lots of objects and places that we forget about when we clean the house. Like what? The dish rack, the inside of the drawers and even on top of the refrigerator. A wet cloth once a month is enough to keep them clean. Also,maybe try using white vinegar to remove limescalefrom the inside of your kettle and coffee machine.

In the bathroom

If there was ever anything that we forget about when cleaning the bathroom, it’s the shower curtain. And yet, it’s full of bacteria. To keep it clean, throw it in the washing machine with some white vinegar. To get it perfectly clean, put your bath towels in the drum as well, as this will help to scrub the curtain clean as the website Madmoizelle explains.

White vinegar for cleaning is a real life-saver; it's cheap and efficient, and works particularly well for descaling. It can also be used to remove rust from a cast iron pan, clean the inside of a refrigerator, and unclog and eliminate odour from the shower. It’s up to you now!

These are the spots everyone forgets to clean in their home, and they're surprisingly dirty These are the spots everyone forgets to clean in their home, and they're surprisingly dirty