Here's how to easily clean your toilet

If there's one thing we all hate doing, it's cleaning the toilet. Here are some tips on how to turn this chore into (almost) a piece of cake.

Here's how to easily clean your toilet
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Here's how to easily clean your toilet

Let's be honest, there's nothing fun about scrubbing the toilet. And unfortunately, traces of limescale often remain on the inside. As a result, your toilet looks dirty, yellowish and it's a struggle to clean it. In order to make this chore more pleasant, we suggest you follow our tips.

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A perfect and 100% natural recipe

To make this mixture, you have to use the right products:

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 10 drops of essential oil

Steps to follow:

  • 1/ In a container, start by pouring in the white vinegar.
  • 2/ Then add the cup of baking soda. A chemical reaction should occur, don't be afraid, this is normal.
  • 3/ Then add the 10 drops of essential oil (choose any).
  • 4/ Finally, mix everything together gently and pour the mixture into a glass container.
  • 5/ You can now use the product. How? By simply pouring it into the toilet. You can also soak a sponge in the mixture and then rub the inside of the toilet.

The advantage of this mixture is that it is 100% natural, and that white vinegar has descaling and disinfectant properties. Moreover, this recipe is very cheap. A 60ml mixture would cost you about £0,50.

And bleaching the toilet?

If you wish to bleach your toilet, you can dilute 3 tablespoons of baking soda crystals with a litre of boiling water. Pour it into the bowl and let it do its work. Then scrub the inside of the toilet with a brush. You will see, the results are amazing.

Making toilet tablets

If you're tired of buying cleaning tablets for your toilet, you can stop using toxic and harmful household products, and make your own toilet cleaning tablets. The recipe is very easy!

First of all, it is essential to use 100% natural ingredients:

  • 200ml of water
  • Lavender essential oil
  • 150 ml white vinegar
  • 4g agar-agar
  • A pan

Steps to follow:

  • 1/ Bring the 200ml of water to the boil.
  • 2/ Add the agar-agar.
  • 3/ Pour in the white vinegar and essential oil.
  • 4/ Mix it all together.
  • 5/ Pour the mixture into a tray or plastic container and leave to rest for several minutes.
  • 6/ Finally, remove the block from the mould and cut into squares.
  • 7/ Add the tablets to the inside of the toilet. They will clean your toilet naturally.

Where to buy natural products?

Even if you're dying to go for zero waste, and make your own household products with natural ingredients, it's not always easy to find everything you need.

We advise you to look for these products at your local speciality store.

This is how often you should be cleaning your toilet, and it's more than you think This is how often you should be cleaning your toilet, and it's more than you think