Here's the very real reason why you should clean your microwave more often

This is an appliance that gets used almost daily. Microwaves can easily become dirty and with time pose some serious health risks. Here are a few tips on how to clean them

Here's the very real reason why you should clean your microwave more often
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Here's the very real reason why you should clean your microwave more often

Cleaning the microwave is THE chore that often ends up becoming a 'tomorrow job.' And it's understandable, cleaning the microwave is not very pleasant, and it usually requires patience.
However, the fact is, the more you use it and the more food you heat up, the dirtier this essential kitchen appliance gets. Stains, splatters, smells... all that can eventually have harmful effects on your health.

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Here's how to get rid of them and keep your microwave looking as good as new.

Microwaves: how to clean them in just a few minutes?

There's a quick, easy and highly effective way to clean the inside of your microwave. To do so, you'll only need the following products which, most likely, already are in your house.

  • A bowl
  • water
  • White vinegar
  • A clean cloth or sponge
  • Lemon (optional)

Steps to follow:

  1. Place a bowl filled with water and two tablespoons of white vinegar in your microwave. You can add squeezed lemon juice or slices for extra effectiveness.
  2. Run the microwave for 5 minutes at maximum power.
  3. Wait a few seconds to open the microwave door to let the water and vinegar vapours do their dirty work, then remove the bowl.
  4. The residues will come off easily from the sides and all that's left to do is wipe off the dirt with a damp sponge or cloth.
  5. Be sure to rinse your appliance thoroughly with clean water after cleaning.

The French TikTok below shows you how to do this step by step. No need to speak the language, simple copy the actions.


Il est important de nettoyer régulièrement son micro-ondes pour éviter l'accumulation de saletés et de bactéries ou de mauvaises odeurs 🥰 #cleaninghacks#kitchenhacks#homehacks#nettoyage#menage#cleantidyorganized#cleantok#astuce

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Microwaves: what accessories are needed to clean them?

When cleaning a microwave, it's important to clean the entire appliance, including accessories such as the glass turntable and rolling rack. Stains and dirt can lodge into the smallest nooks and crannies. The parts we just mentioned can easily be removed from the inside of your microwave for easy cleaning. Just bring them to your sink, get yourself a sponge, a little washing-up liquid and with a little scrubbing they'll be as clean as a whistle!

How can I deodorise my microwave oven?

Microwaves are used to heat up all kinds of food, some of which can have a strong smell. Some of them, such as fish, can be extremely persistent. If cleaning isn't enough to get rid of them, you can add a few slices of lemon to a bowl of water and heat it in the microwave for a few minutes to eradicate the unpleasant odours.

Baking soda is also good and can help eliminate odours. Using it is simple: dampen a sponge and pour a little baking soda over it, then rub the walls of the microwave.

How do I clean the outside of my microwave?

This may seem obvious, but sometimes the most obvious things get forgotten. When you're cleaning the inside, don't forget to have a look at the outside of the microwave. Like all electrical appliances, it is exposed to dust. What's more, it's not immune to splashes of fat or sauces from when you're cooking. If your microwave is made of a light colour, stains will be all the more noticeable and, with time, these stains will tend to yellow.

To maintain it, wipe regularly with a microfibre cloth or feather duster to remove dust. To remove stains, rub the outside of the appliance with a sponge soaked in water and washing-up liquid. Use household vinegar or clay stone to remove encrusted dirt, to make the white shine and to clean the joints. Claystone is also a good trick for scouring the glass of your appliance.

Microwave maintenance tips

Here are our tips for daily maintenance. Microwaves have the advantage of reheating food quickly and saving us time therefore making our lives easier. However, the way it cooks using waves that heat up the water molecules means that spills are more likely to occur. To avoid having to scrub your microwave from top to bottom after each use, use a suitable hood to cover your plate or dishes. This will prevent splashes. All you have to do is wash the cover when you do your dishes, and the microwave will stay clean. Some hoods are retractable, so they're easy to store and don't take up any space.

Here's why it's important to be careful with your microwave

All these tips will ensure that you keep your microwave as clean as possible in order to keep the germs away. Moreover, you must make sure that the containers you put in the microwave are actually allowed to go in there as this can also be a risk health. It is also crucial that you be extra careful when handling things that have been heated up in the microwave. Sometimes we don't expect things to be as hot as they are.

Finally, according to Very Well Health:

Though radiation from microwave ovens does not cause cancer, microwave cooking may pose an indirect risk due to its effects on foods or the containers the foods are cooked in.

They also continue by saying that, at high levels, microwaves could change the composition of food.

This article has been translated from Ohmymag FR.

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