Home hacks: This is how you should really be microwaving your food

Ever wondered why your food doesn’t heat up evenly in the microwave? Turns out that it all depends on where you place your food on the plate.

Microwave hack
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Microwave hack

A microwave may be one of the simplest devices to use in the kitchen and yet most of us end up with parts of food that are freezing cold and others that are scorching hot. Last month, TikToker Isabella Avila uploaded a video on her account on the best way to microwave your food so it’s evenly heated up. Her video racked up 6.5 million views with over 4,000 comments from amazed viewers.

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What’s the trick?

In order to get food that is the right temperature throughout, Avila reveals that you shouldn’t actually put your food in the middle of the microwave plate. Instead you should place it at the edge of the plate. She says in the video:

You shouldn’t actually have your food in the middle of the plate. It should be on the edge so that it can actually rotate around and cook evenly.

Her video got responses from shocked viewers who claimed that her hack was life-changing. A follower commented on her video saying:

I’ve literally used a microwave wrong my whole life thanks for letting me know.

If you try out this hack and it doesn’t work, then BBC’s Good Food suggests that you simply take out your food midway through the cooking time, mix it up a bit and pop it back in the microwave.

Other hacks

Avila’s video also revealed other microwave hacks, such as how to keep your food, like pizza or pasta, from drying out in the microwave. She suggests simply putting a glass of water in the microwave along with your food. She explains:

If you're going to reheat something like pasta or pizza or something, add a small cup of water in there to keep it moisturised but to stop it from getting too chewy.

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