Cleaning tips that really work- and ones that really don't

There are many a wives tales that people swear by when it comes to cleaning. But which ones really work? Here we debunk some cleaning myths and give you some tips as to what really works

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Everyone and their mother has strange cleaning tips handed to them by their families and even on the internet. However, some of them don't really work. Here is our list of cleaning tips debunked!

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1. Vinegar on your chopping board will help you hold back onion tears.

Just like chewing gum or wearing sunglasses, this one is a downright myth. Onions will make you cry no matter what. However, wearing swimming goggles might protect the eyes from those pungent fumes.

2. The inside of a banana skin can be used to shine shoes.

This is a straight-up lie and a messy one. Whoever's mother told them this trick was probably just after a laugh. It's definitely best to just stick to regular old shoe polish and elbow grease.

3. Using newspaper to clean your windows.

This can work depending on the ink the newspaper uses. Petroleum-based ink is common in newspapers and not only does it turn your hand blackbut it leaves nasty smudges on your windows.

4. Feeding lemons and coffee grounds to your garbage disposal.

This may seem like a good idea at the time but coffee groundsand lemon skins will actually clog the drain of your waste disposal unit causing it to rot and make an even worse smell. It's best to use some white vinegar instead.

5. Salt gets rid of white wine stains.

While salt can possibly absorb the wine, it can also set that nasty red stain into your clothes. It's best to instead soak the stain in soda water.

Check out the video above for the cleaning tips that actually do work!

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