Four clever ways to use your dishwasher (not just for cleaning dishes!)

Yes, your dishwasher isnt just for cleaning your plates. Here are 4 amazing things you can do with it.

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Did you think your dishwasher was all about making your dishes sparkle? Think again! Indeed, this device can allow you to clean many everyday objects that you did not even suspect. Here are 4 unusual possibilities:

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Cooking your salmon

Yes, you've read this right. If you have a busy oven, you can use your dishwasher to cook salmon to perfection. Hey, it's hot water isn't it? Just don't add any detergent, obviously. Although you must do is to tightly wrap it in foil or a freezer bag, put it on a tray, and start a regular cycle. When the cycle's done, so's the salmon.

To clean sponges

People don't think enough about cleaning our kitchen sponges on a regular basis, yet they are teeming with bacteria. You can put them once or twice a week in the dishwasher. The goal? To disinfect them without the task being a bother!

To clean your children's plastic toys

Do your kids play with the same plastic toys every day and they've never been thoroughly cleaned? Don't panic, place them in the device. They will be disinfected in record time. Of course, do not do so with toys containing batteries or other such electronics parts. It should go without saying.

To clean your hairbrushes

You use your hairbrush several times a day and between dirt, dandruff, or skin oils, it is far from pristine! To wash it, nothing could be simpler, place it in the dishwasher (only if it is a plastic model). To make it easier, put it in the cutlery tray.

Note: When washing these everyday items, it is important not to mix them with dirty dishes. Simply put, separate the cleaning cycles of your everyday items with the cycles for washing your cutlery. Got it?

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