You should never towel-dry your hair—here's why

Every time you wash your hair, do you use a towel to dry it? This may not be the right solution... Read on to find out why.

Hair drying
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Hair drying

Is using a traditional towel to dry your hair a habit that has been ingrained in your hair routine for years? Nothing could be more normal. Like most people, you've learned to dry your wet hair this way.

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Cotton damages the hair

Unfortunately, this habit is far from being good for your hair. According to hairdresser Monae Everett, interviewed by Huffpost, cotton damages the hair fibre, and makes it rough.

This can aggravate split ends and cause small craters along the hair shaft, which weakens the hair.

This creates frizz, dries out the hair and damages it. Worse: it loosens the cuticles from the hair and makes the hair even more sensitive. This may also make it fall out more easily.

The culprit for oily hair?

Beyond the fact that the towel damages the hair fibres, it can also make it greasier. In fact, every rough movement made on your scalp can excite the sebaceous glands, which will lead to an overproduction of sebum, and therefore oily hair.

The solution? Start by wringing out your hair with your hands, and then replace your old towels with a t-shirt or microfiber cloth. These two products allow you to absorb the excess water without rubbing your hair brutally.

The must? Letting your hair dry naturally!

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