Easy Afro-Caribbean Hair Care Tips

Is your gorgeous natural hair the envy of all your friends? Ohmymag shares our top tips for taking care of Afro-Caribbean hair and how to help it grow.

Easy Afro-Caribbean Hair Care Tips
Easy Afro-Caribbean Hair Care Tips

Afro-Caribbean Hair Care Tips

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1. Fragile hair needs pampering: Contrary to popular belief, Afro-Caribbean hair is particularly fragile and it is necessary to take care of it properly. Aggressive brushing is a no-no as this will both break the shape of the curls and damage the fibres, which could lead to you losing precious hair.

2. Choose specialised products: Visit a shop or salon specialising in Afro-Caribbean hair to find the best range of products adapted to your hair type. You will find a world of tips and products perfect for your hair like shampoos, masks, and oils. Since Afro-Caribbean hair is often dry, look for products which offer maximum hydration to deeply nourish and protect your hair.

3. Detangling treatments are great but use with care: Using detangling product on your hair whilst dry will not be the best idea. However, using a detangler on wet hair is really good for your hair and will help to redefine your curls. In the shower, after putting your conditioner on your lengths, leave it on for a few minutes then gently pass a wide-toothed comb through your hair to gently detangle any knots.

4. Oil bath and cellophane: There's nothing better for your hair than to let it soak up an oil mask treatment overnight. To avoid getting anything on your pillow, wrap your hair in cling film. This will also have the benefit of keeping your hair warm, allowing the treatment to deeply penetrate your hair and have the maximum effect.

5. Garlic and massages to make your hair grow: If you wish your hair would grow faster, there are a couple of old tricks that really do work! A scalp massage is particularly recommended to activate blood circulation and encourages hair growth. To make this massage even more effective, press a few cloves of mashed garlic and rub it into your scalp. The garlic will activate the follicles and will thus help your hair grow faster. Don't worry about the smell: after one hour of exposure, a simple shampoo will remove all the residue from your hair.

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