Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer

Summer is soon approaching and so it's important to look after our hair. It's amazing how much our hair endures during the hot summer months. Here are some tips on what you can do to maintain healthy hair throughout the scorching summer heat!

Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer
Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair This Summer

How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Summer

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1. Rinse: Be sure to shampoo your hair only 2 times per week. Over time your hair will build up dirt and grease that will need to be cleansed properly. If you wash your hair more than that, it could cause your hair to be dry and frizzy.

2. Comb: Don't overcomb your hair - too much brushing can be bad for your hair because it adds friction and can cause breakage.

3. Trim: Naturally the ends of your hair start to split around the 3 month mark therefore you should schedule a trimming every 3-4 months to promote healthy growth!

4. Condition: It's always good to deep condition your hair once per week for about 30 minutes. It will provide moisture and will help restore your hair from breakage.

5. Protection: Whenever you are exposed to the sun for long periods of time you should always wear a hat! The sun can cause your hair to become weak, dry, and frizzy.

6. Hydration: This is the most important solution to ensure healthy hair during all seasons of the year.

7. Spray: Apply hair protection to your hair when you are styling it! There are products made to protect your hair from heat and even UV rays! Buy one today and save your hair from being damaged.

8. Diet: Eating the RIGHT food is key! Make sure your diet includes protein and Biotin rich foods that will help promote healthy hair.

9. Style: Go for natural - style your hair less often and it will save you from dealing with damaged dry hair.

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