Using Stinging Nettles For Your Hair

Stinging nettles might be something we usually try and avoid but it turns out they can do wonders for your hair. Ohmymag brings you everything you need to know about this special plant and its beauty properties.

Using Stinging Nettles For Your Hair
Using Stinging Nettles For Your Hair

The Benefits Of Using Stinging Nettles

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1. Properties: Very rich in vitamins and minerals, the stinging nettle is an excellent ingredient to strengthen the hair and accelerate its growth. It is used to fight hair loss and to fight against greasy hair. Rich in natural silica and various mineral salts, it deeply remineralises the hair to allow it to regain radiance, shine, and lightness.

2. Uses: Beyond its nutritional qualities when used in the kitchen (it can be used in the place of spinach or watercress for example), the nettle is an excellent complement to your beauty regime to help strengthen hair.

-For hair growth: Its richness in mineral salts is a real boost for the scalp - the nettle helps boost the microcirculation of the scalp which accelerates and strengthens hair growth. Mix it with water to create a hair mask. Massage it into your hair and leave it for about 30 minutes before shampooing.

-To fight against dandruff: Dandruff can easily appear on a dry scalp. Stinging nettle is ideal for cleansing the scalp, removing impurities, moisturising, and limiting dandruff.

-To fight hair loss: Although there is no miracle product to fight baldness, the stinging nettle is a stimulant of the scalp and roots. It will strengthen your hair roots which will limit the amount of hair loss plus it helps tone the scalp.

3. Cost: Sold in powder form, the stinging nettle can be used in many hair treatments to make your own shampoos, lotions, and hair masks. For 100g, it will cost about £2.50! The stinging nettle is a relatively cheap ingredient that will bring miraculous results to your hair. You can use it with other powders such as green clay, white clay, shikakai, and essential oils.

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