People are using this product to detoxify their hair, should you start using it too?

What is clarifying shampoo and do you really need to use it? This is what we've found out.

Do you really need a clarifying shampoo?
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Do you really need a clarifying shampoo?

For many of us, a complicated multi-step skincare routine is normal, and our hair care is starting to follow suit. From detangling mists to styling creams, to texturising sprays and dry shampoo, our hair and scalp are being exposed to a multitude of ingredients on a daily basis, which if not washed away properly can have the undesirable effect of hanging around which weighs down and dulls your tresses.

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Thus enters clarifying shampoo. This hair cleanser is stronger than your regular everyday shampoo and is specifically designed to rid you of product buildup. But is it really necessary?

Who is clarifying shampoo for and what are the benefits?

Even if you don't use any styling products in your hair (but especially if you do), you might still benefit from using a clarifying shampoo. This is because the hard minerals in water can also create build-up in the hair that only a very stripping shampoo, such as a clarifying shampoo, can get rid of. Once deeply cleaned, hair should feel lighter, softer, bouncier, and certainly shinier!

However, even if most people could use a clarifying shampoo in their hair care routine, there are some side effects you should be aware of!

What are the side effects of clarifying shampoo?

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There are a few people who should be wary of clarifying shampoo. Firstly, those with a sensitive scalp or very dry hair. This is because clarifying shampoos contain harsher ingredients like SLS which can irritate or dry out your scalp. It should therefore only be used sparingly, and always followed by a conditioning treatment!

Secondly, if you've got freshly dyed hair, you might not wash with a clarifying shampoo for a while as it is known to wash away pigment.

Otherwise, clarifying shampoo is suitable for all hair types and can be used between once a week to once every few weeks depending on your preferences and the amount of hair product you use.

So, if you're having some issues with your hair, it's safe to try a clarifying shampoo and see if it works for you!

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