Curl Your Hair Without Heat Using Just One Simple Household Item

Looking for a curly hairstyle without using heat? Try using straws! We’ll explain how.

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It's a well-known fact that lots of people with straight hair want curly hair and some people will go to any lengths to get it. Unfortunately, this can be quite damaging for your hair and leave it feeling brittle and dry.

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Are you tired of your flat hair and want to curl it up for a new hairstyle? We have the solution. Without using heat and at a lower cost, this technique allows you to give your style a bit of a twist.

Materials required: plastic straws (the number will depend on the thickness of your hair), hair pins


1) Separate your hair into small sections.

2) Straws in hand, twist all your strands of hair around them.

3) Secure everything in place with hair pins.

4) Leave in for a few hours, or even an entire night and bouncy curls are yours!

Tips: Curls will bounce more if you do this technique on damp hair.

Take a look at the video above to see a full tutorial!

Curl Your Hair Without Heat Using This Amazing Trick Curl Your Hair Without Heat Using This Amazing Trick