WhatsApp: You can appear offline while still using the app with this simple trick

If you use WhatsApp but don't want people to know that you are 'online' then this article is perfect for you. We have all the tips and tricks you need to be offline.

Don't want to appear 'online' on Whatsapp? Here is the trick to go incognito
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Don't want to appear 'online' on Whatsapp? Here is the trick to go incognito

You may have already noticed it if you are particularly observant: When you go to a Whatsapp conversation, a small indicator, usually located just below the name of the person you are talking to, tells you if he or she was recently online, or is still online at the time you are looking at the application.

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This is a handy little feature in case you need a quick answer, but it can also be very intrusive for those who sometimes want to browse the application without appearing available to everyone.

A new feature currently in development on Whatsapp will allow you to consult the application in private mode. A new proof of the messaging service's commitment to the privacy of its users.

Whatsapp in private mode, it's coming soon!

Fortunately, Whatsapp has understood this problem and should soon offer its users to use the messaging app in private mode... As noticed by the specialized site WABetaInfo, Meta's developers are indeed developing a tool to hide its connection status.

Continuing its commitment to the privacy of its users, but beware of recent scams on WhatsApp, the application will arm itself with a new feature on both Android and iOS devices.

However, if this innovation is now an almost certainty, you will probably still have to be patient before seeing it land on your smartphone, as it is still not available in the beta version.

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In the meantime, how do I disable the connection history?

WhatsApp is relatively easy to use, you can block a person with 4 simple steps! A screenshot released by WABetaInfo still allows us to imagine how the offline switch will work on iOS, as you can see below:


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While waiting for this new feature, you should know that it is already possible to deactivate your connection history, as well as share your geolocation on Whatsapp. Particularly useful if you want to avoid a person who is a bit heavy, or who would be tempted to harass you, this change is made by going to 'Settings', then 'Account' and 'Privacy.' Once there, you just have to choose who can access your connection history, 'everyone', 'your contacts' or 'nobody.'

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