WhatsApp hacks that will change your life, including how to read messages without being 'seen'

From offering options to optimize your privacy and security to how you interact in group chats, WhatsApp has an array of features to guarantee the best user experience.

WhatsApp: You can read your messages without being 'seen', here's how
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WhatsApp: You can read your messages without being 'seen', here's how

You may have been using WhatsApp for many years now, but it is still possibly that you’re not taking advantage of the full range of features that the messaging app offers. The features discussed below are not necessarily new, but they will change the way you use the app.

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Privacy and security

Sometimes, you may not want to respond to a message immediately, but that doesn’t mean you don't want to know the contents.

Reading messages on 'stealth mode'

You can get around this by holding down the snippets of the message as it pops up on locked screen. An article in the Mirror explained that the feature, known as ‘super stealth mode’ allows you to preview the full text for as long as your finger stays on the screen. This way, you get to read the message without the sender knowing you have.

Disappearing videos and photos

Another feature that enhances privacy and security while using the app is the ability to program videos and photos to disappear after the recipient views them once. However, it is possible to take a screenshot of the opened filed before it disappears, the Mirror added.

Share your location

You can also share your location with friends and loved ones if you’re concerned about your safety, or you just want people to have an idea of where you are when you’re running late.

Backing up your chat history

WhatsApp frequently prompts you to back up your chats so if you change phones for instance, you won’t lose your chat history. To give you extra peace of mind, the app allows you to export your messages to an email address.

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Hands-free voice recording

Voice recording is a well-loved feature on WhatsApp, but did you know that you send a voice note without holding down the microphone symbol while you record? This hands-free feature works when you swipe up the mic symbol in the button right corner of the chat and swiping it up. According to the Mirror, this action ‘locks’ the record function.

Pin favourite chats

Another amazing feature is the ability to pin favourite chats – individual and group – on the top of the app for easy navigation. This way, messages from those chats do not get lost in a pile.

And for iPhone users, you can lock the app, so only you can access your chats using Face ID or touch ID. This works even if the phone itself is unlocked.

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