Here's How You Can Turn Your Smartphone Flashlight Into A Blacklight!

We often think our home is perfectly clean but what happens when we take a deeper look? You can now turn your smartphone into a black light which will show you all the dirt inside your home that you can't see with the naked eye.

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Phones have become handy little devices over the years. They enable us to stay in contact with people all over the world and as a result, have managed to bring friends and families a lot closer. Despite the problems and dangers they pose, both on our mental and physical health, they really are incredibly intelligent devices nowadays.

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And now, there is now even a way for you to turn your phone into a black light. Black lights, also known as ultraviolet lights, work because some products, such as bacteria and even urine, absorb the short wavelengths from this type of light and reflect them back almost immediately, hence making them visible to the naked eyewhen in complete darkness.

So, have you ever wondered how dirty your home really is? There are hundreds of products out there that claim to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, but what happens to that last little bit and just how effective are these products? Well now you can find out if you really want to, but be warned, it might not be such a pretty sight!

How To Turn Your Phone Into A Black Light


  • 1. Smartphone
  • 2. Tape
  • 3. Black and purple permanent marker


  • 1. Place a piece of scotch tape on your phone's flash and colour it blue
  • 2. Repeat step 1 (there should be two pieces of tape coloured blue)
  • 3. Place another piece of tape over the existing tapes and colour it purple
  • 4. Turn off the lights and take a photo using the flash

So, how dirty is your home really?

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