Living Nostradamus makes claims about Kate Middleton: 'Essential that she takes care of her mental health'

The Brazilian seer Athos Salomé has revealed what he thinks is really going on with the Princess of Wales.

Kate Middleton health
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Kate Middleton health

Athos Salomé is known as the Living Nostradamus, and frequently speaks out about his predictions for the future. Most recently, he has revealed what he believes the truth is behind Kate Middleton’s health issues - and about what is in store for her future.

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Salomé claims to have foreseen many major past events including the pandemic and Queen Elizabeth’s death. Indeed, he has even made the bold claim that the late monarch is concerned for Archie and Lilibet in the afterlife. Let’s take a look at what the Brazilian mystic has said about the Princess, and what he reckons the future holds for her.

Kate Middleton’s health

The Princess of Wales has been at the centre of a whirlwind of attention recently. She had been notably absent following a planned abdominal surgery which saw her take a few weeks off her royal duties. However, a photo she shared on Mother’s Day marked more than just her return to the public eye. The picture had been edited, and sparked a whole lot of criticism online. The Princess has since apologised for any ‘confusion’ this caused, and explained that she had edited the snap herself, just as many amateur photographers like to do.

This whole drama has brought discussions about the Princess’ health back to the fore as observers impatiently await her return.

Salomé’s predictions

Salomé has suggested that Kate’s health issues may be more complicated than we know. He has claimed that she is dealing with bone and joint problems, especially in her knees and legs, for which she is undergoing physiotherapy. The seer said that this is helping, but stated that her biggest problem is more mental than physical: she is under an immense amount of pressure and it is coming out in her body, Salomé alleged. He said:

The structure and responsibility weigh not only on the mind but also reflect in her bones. Although they will never confirm the fact, she indeed has this problem.

Salomé stated that 2025 will bring a very big year for the Princess:

For there is a significant contention between the brothers about who will replace the father on necessary occasions. Everything is already written in Kate's life, so it is essential that she takes care of her mental health and also her bones.

The Palace has never confirmed any of these other ailments listed by Salomé. The Brazilian mystic also added that most want to see her succeed: ‘In 2025 people around the world eagerly await to see how the Princess of Wales overcomes challenges and shows resilience, embracing the responsibilities and opportunities that await her.’

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