Kate Middleton allegedly had a serious relationship before Prince William

Before William, there was a lesser-known figure in Kate's romantic history—a young man who brought the Princess her first heartbreak.

Kate Middleton ex boyfriend before William
© Max Mumby/Getty Images
Kate Middleton ex boyfriend before William

Kate Middleton's romantic journey with Prince William is a widely celebrated love story, cemented by their iconic royal union. Their paths converged at the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland, where friendship blossomed into a romance that would ultimately define a generation. Post-graduation, their relationship endured through a brief separation in 2007, culminating in an engagement in 2010 and a regal wedding in the halls of Westminster Abbey the following year, and the rest is history.

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Kate Middleton ex boyfriend before William Max Mumby/Getty Images

In her relationship with Prince William, it's reported that during conflicts, rather than engaging in quarrels, Kate has a unique way of expressing frustration—by throwing her anger at cushions. While she is known for her skill in navigating conflicts with moderation in her current marriage, her earlier heartbreak paints a picture.

Kate's first heartbreak

Before her connection with Prince William, Kate's life went different romantic paths, and amidst these, there was a significant figure—a boyfriend from her pre-royal days, identified as the 'one who got away.'

As disclosed by The Mirror, this mysterious figure was no stranger; he was present in Kate's life during her schooling at Marlborough College, where she found solace after a distressing experience at her previous school, Downe House. Kate's time at Downe House was marred by bullying, an ordeal that led her to flee, as recounted by a schoolmate, Jessica Hay, who revealed the torment Kate faced: 'Tome of the girls there were horrible... She was picked on because she was perfect.'

This difficult phase at Downe House contrasts sharply with her happier years at Marlborough, where she met Harry Blakelock, an important figure in her romantic past.

Kate Middleton ex boyfriend before William Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Described as someone Kate deeply cared for, Harry shared a history with her, including a gap year in Florence that saw them both exploring the same foreign terrain, reports The Mirror. However, their relationship wasn't without its complexities. Reports suggest Harry's inconsistent behaviour—a tendency to blow hot and cold—left Kate grappling with feelings of longing and uncertainty. A friend of Kate's revealed her emotional attachment, recalling how she was consumed by thoughts of Harry and his puzzling actions during their school days.

Even after their school years, their connection lingered, and Kate's emotion for Harry was evident to those around her. A friend of hers was reported in the Mail said:

When Kate arrived in Florence, she was really hung up about Harry. She spoke about him all the time and he seemed to have messed her around quite a bit. He seemed to have blown hot and cold with her when they were at school and she was always talking about how she could get him back.

Aside from her connection with Harry Blakelock, Kate Middleton also dated Willem Marx during her Marlborough College days. Willem, now a journalist, took a different path from Harry, an insurance broker. Notably, Harry went on to marry one of Kate's school friends.

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