Prince William and Kate Middleton: What is this rare privilege the couple is rumoured to receive?

As the Princess of Wales turned 42 on 9 January, it is rumoured that King Charles is going to use the occasion to bestow upon her and other senior members of the Royal Family a rare and special privilege.

Kate Middleton King Charles Prince William Royal Warrants
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Kate Middleton King Charles Prince William Royal Warrants

Kate Middleton, now known as the Princess of Wales, is one of the most watched and influential women in the world. This is a responsibility which she takes very seriously. Since she became the Princess of Wales after the passing of Queen Elizabeth, we saw the woman step up her fashion game to portray professionalism, progress and dynamism.

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However, that recent change of style didn't launch her ‘influencer career’. From the beginning of her being involved with Prince William people all around the world studied what she wore and copied it. This influence has only increased with time.

Now, whispers say that King Charles could give her and other senior members of the Royal Family, a very rare privilege which only a handful of royals in history receive.

Kate Middleton could be able to hand out Royal Warrants

This is unconfirmed but since the Princess of Wales' birthday on 9 January, the word started going around that her and her husband could be receiving a very exclusive privilege.

According to those reports the Prince and Princess of Wales could soon be given the power to grant Royal Warrants upon brands they favour. According to the Royal Family website Royal Warrants are:

a mark of recognition to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services to the Royal Household.

The Firm have however made it quite clear that Royal Warrants are regulated. On their website they explain:

Warrant-holding firms do not provide their goods or services for free to the Royal Households, and all transactions are conducted on a strictly commercial basis.

Moreover, warrants aren’t for life. They are ‘initially granted for up to five years’ and are reviewed in their last year and don’t necessarily have to be renewed as they are dependent on ‘the quality or supply for the product or service’.

Previously, only Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, the Queen Mother and then-Prince Charles had the power to distribute the Royal Warrants. Now, it seems like King Charles is extending who can - the Queen Consort is also said to join the Wales couple in receiving said power.

Kate Middleton’s new power could benefit the UK economy

Though the Princess would not be the only senior member of the Royal Family to be granted the power to give Royal Warrants, she is the most powerful. Indeed, she has what is commonly called the ‘Kate effect’.

In 2023, Harper’s Bazaar reported that the ‘Kate effect’ - in short the ‘nickname given to the economic influence the Princess of Wales wields’ - is estimated at £1 billion. Don’t think that this directly goes into the royals pockets because you would be mistaken. Indeed, this money is directly infused into the British economy.

The influence the Princess of Wales holds is of course mostly centred around the fashion and beauty industry, but this is still a significant amount to bring in. With the power to give away Royal Warrants, this amount could become even bigger.

In Daily Mail, Rebecca English, states that a royal source spoke to her about the possibility of the Prince and Princess of Wales granting Royal Warrants:

(Buckingham Palace) are aware of it. Hopefully something will happen sooner rather than later

Definitely something to keen an eye on…

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