Royal Family: Source reveals Prince William’s plans for Prince Harry as Kate hints at big change

Amid the drama of Omid Scobie’s book, Prince William and Kate Middleton have attempted to show unity.

Prince William’s for plans for Prince Harry Kate Middletin hints at big change
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Prince William’s for plans for Prince Harry Kate Middletin hints at big change

When Omid Scobie’s book Endgame came out on Tuesday 28 November, something unexpected happened: a Dutch translation seemed to reveal the names of the members of the Royal Family who allegedly raised concerns about Prince Archie’s skin colour before his birth.

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The names are not present in the English version of the book and Scobie denies that they ever were in any version of the manuscript. However, the ‘racial row’ of the Royal Family was reignited and since then the King and the Wales have been doing all they can to move on and forward.

In that respect both the Prince and Princess of Wales have shown signs of working towards the future.

Expert on Prince William’s plans for Prince Harry

Express reports that a ‘well-placed’ yet anonymous source revealed that Prince William ‘has had more than enough’ of the Sussexes. This source added:

William is already planning for when he becomes king, and he doesn’t see a future for the Sussexes in the Royal Family
The feeling is that allowing the Sussexes back into the fold is a bad move and they should be resigned to the fringes indefinitely.

This followed the whole Endgame drama but also adds to the rumours that Prince Harry’s book Spare caused deep and lasting damage between the two brothers.

Moreover, Express continues their article supposing that Omid Scobie’s book has put peace talks between Prince Harry and his father on pause after the two were said to have gotten back in touch for the King’s birthday. On the relationship between Prince Harry and the King, the anonymous source stated:

William is completely adamant that they [the Sussexes] shouldn’t be welcomed back, while the King thinks it would help stop the media circus surrounding the family,
Charles is the only senior member of the family who is holding out any hope of a reconciliation, but that has more to do with Harry being his son than anything else.

This would also explain why a royal expert told Express that King Charles would ‘never, never, never’ strip Prince Harry and his wife of their titles, whatever urging demands of it come his way. The royal expert believes that King Charles wouldn't ‘want to completely destroy or humiliate his son’. There is also the fact that the Dukedom was given by the late Queen and that ‘out of respect’ King Charles wouldn’t take the title back.

Kate Middleton is preparing for the future

On her end, the Princess of Wales has also had to deal with the aftermath of the days following the release of Endgame. However, just like the other senior members of the Royal Family, the Princess has not addressed the issues raised head on.

Instead, during Buckingham Palace’s Christmas Diplomatic Reception she displayed a clear sign of moving forward. Looking at her outfit, many commented on how her dress was a repeat from Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Rajwa of Jordan’s royal wedding banquet. However, that isn’t the important part!

Instead, let us focus on the yellow silk ribbon attached to her dress. This is a Royal Family Order. Since the Princess of Wales has only been alive for the reign of Queen Elizabeth she therefore wears her Royal Family Order (if you look closely, you will see the portrait of the Queen on the ribbon).

But this ribbon has been changed. In the past, Royal Family Orders were bulkier and had a square shape instead of the rectangle one debuted at the Diplomatic Reception. This change could be a sign that something of significance is arriving: King Charles III’s Royal Family Order.

It is believed that the portrait has been made and should be making its debut in the future. This is another way of really settling into King Charles’ reign and demonstrating that the monarchy is in a new era.

Will that new era leave some room for the Sussexes? Only time will tell.

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