Kate Middleton: Source explains how she could be key to reconciliation between Princes William and Harry

The answer to the big question - whether Prince Harry and Prince William would ever reconcile - is not as simple as one would think, especially with new claims that contradict the old ones.

Princess Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
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Princess Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Every family has feuds and every family as a peacemaker or else the world would be just full of hurt people who no longer have any ties to their roots. The Royal Family has them too, although, their feuds and peacemakers are out in the open for the public to judge and form opinions about.

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After Prince Harry instantly flew to the UK for a 45-minute meeting with his father, the hopes of father-son reconciliation were increased. However, the lack of interest by either of the brothers to meet also hinted that the ‘wounds’ are too fresh on both sides to think of reconciliation.

Kate Middleton allegedly open to reconciling with Prince Harry but not Meghan Markle

To be fair, a lot has been said by the Sussex couple about the Royal Family in their several media engagements over the years. From interviews to Prince Harry’s memoir, the Sussex have slammed their Royal lineage including Prince William and Kate Middleton. Now, another memoir by Meghan Markle is said to be in the works with even more explosive claims.

Despite all of that, a source has claimed that Princess Kate is ‘ready’ to reconcile with Prince Harry but not with Meghan Markle, reports MarieClaire. The source said:

Kate is open to reconciling, though with Harry more so than Meghan. She still has some hurt feelings over what Meghan did to her and Charlotte. There is work to do, but she’s willing to move forward.

Meanwhile another source hinted that while Kate wants to reconcile with the Duke of Sussex, she will not ‘meddle’ in between the brothers. They said:

Kate would be open to making nice if William wanted to, but she won’t meddle. She has faith that the situation will resolve itself in time.

Reportedly, Kate ‘misses’ Prince Harry as she always saw him as a brother figure. Meanwhile, Prince William also loved his little brother ‘but the past few years have been very difficult for him.’ It is understood that Prince William may not be able to just casually forgive ‘all those spiteful and vindictive attacks Harry made against him and the monarchy.’

Is Kate Middleton the key to Prince Harry and William reconciliation?

Ever since Kate has married into the Royal Family, she has reportedly been a bridge between the two brothers and helped them heal their differences. Many Royal experts and fans have thought that the key to Prince William and Prince Harry’s reconciliation is in Kate’s hands. However, Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell - who alleged her ghost contacted him - claims otherwise.

According to MarieClaire, the former Royal aide feels there’s too much that has gone by for Kate to show any interest in a reconciliation. He said:

So much has been said and people have been hurt.
The only person that has a faint chance of reconciliation with the boys will be Kate.

He insisted that Royals are not as ‘easy and forgiving’ and added:

I don't honestly think Kate wants to because there's been so much hurt.

Oh! My Mag previously also revealed how psychic Sally Morgan predicted Prince Harry would reach out to Prince William in 2024 and the reconciliation may not go through as Kate ‘has no intention of healing the rift with Megan.’

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