Prince Harry and Meghan Markle allegedly invited to Ghana after their ‘successful’ Nigerian trip

After the ‘success’ of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent Nigeria visit, the couple is understood to be invited to Ghana. However, the invitation has made the entire Royal Family worry. Here’s what’s happening!

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Ghana trip Nigeria King Charles Prince William
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Prince Harry Meghan Markle Ghana trip Nigeria King Charles Prince William

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently completed their 72-hour visit to Nigeria. Despite it being a ‘successful’ trip in many terms, the couple received severe backlash as the visit was dubbed ‘unofficial Royal tour.’ The Nigeria visit affected the Royals as King Charles was said to be unhappy with it.

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Amidst this, it is alleged that the Sussex couple - who have a net worth of £48 million - have been invited to Ghana. The move is understood to have made King Charles and Prince William ‘worry’ over what it could mean for the senior Royals at the Firm.

Prince Harry and Meghan allegedly invited to Ghana after Nigeria

According to the Mirror, Ghana’s country officials and leading icons are keen for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to visit them. Ghana’s capital Accra was loved dearly by the late Queen Elizabeth II - who once described Meghan as ‘evil.’ The country's leading bigwigs and artistic influencers are very keen to have Prince Harry and Meghan over after their 'triumph' on their high-profile trip to Nigeria.

Reportedly, they will pull out all the stops to make the Sussex couple feel loved during their visit. A source told the publication:

There is already a lot of talk and excitement in Ghana, everyone is so keen for Harry and Meghan to come and experience the great culture and warmth.

Ghana has become a popular spot for many celebs to visit in the last few years. The source added:

Several top names have already visited Ghana in recent years from Ed Sheeran, Naomi Campbell and One Direction's Liam Payne. Idris Elba, who DJ'd at Harry and Meghan's wedding is a regular too, he is part-Ghanaian and loves spending time 'back home.'

Moreover, if the Sussex couple plans to visit the country, they are expected to get a similar red carpet welcome as they got in Nigeria. One of the main features that led Royal experts to label their trip as an ‘unofficial Royal Tour.’ Sources believe:

Harry certainly won't be short of people to show him around and they will certainly roll out the red carpet for him, drafting in some of the finest Afro-beat performers to welcome him and his family.

This comes after a source previously told the Mirror that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning to do more Royal-style tours this year which could also see them returning to Africa at some point.

Royal Family allegedly losing sleep over the Sussexes’ unofficial Royal tours

While the Sussexes appear to be blooming in their era of unofficial Royal tours, King Charles and Prince William are understood to be losing sleep over it. Royal expert and author Tom Quinn believes that the two senior Royals will try to use backchannels to block the Sussex couple from going on any more tours.

The attempt comes as the Palace fears that these trips could improve its image with the public. Quinn told the Mirror:

King Charles is in a terrible bind – he would love to strip Meghan and Harry of their royal titles but fears this will look vindictive.
On the other hand, he has to find a way to put a stop to any future trips by Harry and Meghan to other commonwealth countries. That has now become his number one priority.
King Charles will use back channels to try to block any further invitations to the wayward couple, but that will prove very difficult.

Pointing out that Meghan’s public display of affection towards Prince Harry could potentially be compared to Prince William and Kate’s ‘formal’ display in public. Tom continued:

The ultimate fear for King Charles and William is that Meghan’s rebelliousness actually ends up making her more appealing than the understated members of the official team royal.
That’s why she always makes a point of holding Harry’s hand for the cameras, something she knows William and Kate would never do.

The Firm is believed to be engaging in ‘intense damage limitation discussions’ over fears that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could ‘overshadow’ the senior Royal team. This comes as the Royal Family is currently postponing engagements ‘which may appear to divert attention or distract from the election campaign,’ reports Mirror.

Quinn claims that the senior Royals have accepted that they are going to be overshadowed for now. He added:

Intense damage limitation discussions are taking place at Kensington Palace and Clarence House, but until and unless Kate and King Charles recover fully, the senior Royals accept that for now, they are going to be overshadowed.

Prince Harry and Meghan showed all signs of ‘Royalty’ on their Nigeria tour

This comes after the Sussex couple showed all signs of being a Royal on their Nigeria tour. According to Royal Expert Jennie Bond, the couple, especially Meghan, carried themselves in a royal way. Bond noted that Meghan kick-started the tour wearing a £450 peach-coloured maxi dress by Heidi Merrick. She accessorised it with vintage gold earrings, a matching gold necklace worth £1,453, a £50,000 Lorraine Schwartz ring, a £4,391 diamond hex tennis bracelet and a £20,824 golden yellow Tank Française watch. All of this signified that she believed it was expected of her to act like Royalty.

Bond told Times Radio:

Perhaps Meghan felt that was what was expected of her because she does still feel royal even though she doesn't want to be part of the royals. I find that a bit odd personally, but she looked great.

Meanwhile, Quinn argued that Prince Harry has always been a part of the Royal Family. Despite him stepping down from his senior Royal position, he’s still known as an integral part of the British Royalty. As such, expecting Royalty out of him was expected. He explained:

So far as many world leaders are concerned, Harry is and always will be a member of the Royal Family.

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