Fact checking: Is Prince William really encouraging Harry to move back to the UK?

On Tuesday 20 March 2024, Life & Style published an exclusive article claiming that Prince Harry and his brother Prince William had ‘reconnected’. The publication makes another claim which is quite surprising.

Prince Harry Prince Willam return uk
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Prince Harry Prince Willam return uk

Prince William and Prince Harry were, for a long time, the image of good sibling dynamics. Bonded by tragedy and by an uncommon upbringing, the world watched the two grow up and evolve from children to men.

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Through the years, the royal brothers seemed close and, even when Prince William married and started his own family, the relationship between the two continued to thrive. Princes William and Harry , accompanied by Kate Middleton, attended royal functions and made royal watchers smile with their cheeky dynamics.

Then, as Prince Harry started his relationship with Meghan Markle, things seemed to change. Rumours started to float about Markle and Middleton not getting along and quickly the brothers grew more distant. It all culminated in 2020, when the Sussexes chose to move away from the UK and step down from being senior members of the Royal Family.

Following that exit, the couple also made public accusations targeting members of the Firm and Prince Harry revealed a few unflattering things about his brother. Details which many thought meant the two could never reconcile.

Life & Style’s exclusive article and its revelations

Life & Style published its article on 20 March 2024. In it, an anonymous source speaks about the Duke of Sussex’ return to the UK. The publication quotes:

He’s planning to move his family back to England

Though this isn’t particularly surprising as unnamed sources often speak to tabloids about Prince Harry, another detail in the Life & Style article surprised many. As reported by the tabloid, the source added:

Harry apologized to William for all the drama he’s caused, and ever since then, they’ve been in contact a lot more. William has even been encouraging Harry to come back home, too.

This comes after Life & Style published an article on 16 February 2024, quoting an anonymous insider who alleged that the King’s current health situation had Prince William ‘willing to put their rift aside'.

In the article from 20 March 2024, Life & Style continues to report their source’s words. However, quickly the focus shifts to Meghan Markle and how she seems to be against moving back to the UK. The source alleged:

When he told Meghan, she was beyond shocked. She can’t believe he’s even considering it!
Meghan refused to leave California,
Harry accused her of having no compassion, and it led to one of the biggest fights they’ve ever had. The situation has been super stressful.

None of this has been confirmed by the Sussexes or their team however, the Life & Style article is being recuperated by other tabloids such as Express and Daily Star.

What is Life & Style?

According to their website Life & Style is a magazine that ‘speaks to its readers like a good friend’ using a tone that is ‘positive’. The publication covers topics such as: ‘celebrity diet and fitness trends, summer weddings, A-listers looking for love’ but they also talk about ‘red carpet looks’ and ‘makeup tips’. Their editorial line also includes ‘juicy’ gossip.

A credible rumour?

Though these rumours may fill royal watchers with hope, nothing tangible is hinting at their truthfulness. First of all, their sources are anonymous for both their articles. Though this is usual practice, these rumours often lead to nowhere.

Moreover, conflicting reports were made when Prince Harry visited his father at Clarence House. At the time, it was reported that Prince William and Prince Harry had not seen each other while the youngest of the two was in London. Beyond that, it was reported that Prince William had no desire to see his younger brother.

Another anonymous source explained to Mirror at the time:

The prince’s main focus is for his wife, who is recovering from surgery, his three children and now his father. There are no plans for Harry’s visit to act as some kind of vehicle for reconciliation.

Finally, even though other tabloids are running with Life & Style’s story, they do not add any further detail or speak to the original and/or other sources.

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