Prince Harry: Royal expert claims reconciliation with King Charles is possible, but 'there's a long way to go'

The biggest question that faces the British Royalty is the reconciliation of Prince Harry with his family. In testing times like the current, his support would’ve been a gold mine for his father and brother. But is that possible?

Prince Harry King Charles reconciliation UK Invictus Games Foundation
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Prince Harry King Charles reconciliation UK Invictus Games Foundation

Prince Harry is returning to the UK in less than a fortnight for the Invictus Games Foundation’s 10th Anniversary. It has been reported that the Duke will be attending the Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday, May 8. The event runs from 5 pm until 6.30 pm in a clash with the first Buckingham Palace garden party, held between 3 pm and 6 pm. The King could be seen at the Buckingham Palace Garden Party this year amid his return to duties.

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Despite formerly attending Invictus Games events with Prince Harry in Toronto, Sydney, The Hague and Dusseldorf, Meghan Markle will not be attending the event in the UK. And this could be the opportunity that King Charles has been waiting for!

Could Prince Harry and King Charles reconcile during his upcoming UK Visit?

According to reports, King Charles has ‘left the door open’ for an in-person meeting with Prince Harry when he returns to the UK for the Invictus Games. The face-to-face meeting could be a step in the right direction the father and son as The Express reports that the monarch is eager to reconcile with Harry and Meghan.

However, there’s a twist in the potential reconciliation. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams told The Sun that while the King may be open for a meeting with his son, it is not guaranteed that Harry will receive a ‘warm reception.’ He explained:

The King has always kept the door open to Harry, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he would invariably get a warm reception.

It is assumed that Prince Harry would ‘undoubtedly’ want to see his father after his last gesture towards him. The Duke rushed to his father’s side after his big health announcement earlier this year. Richard added:

It will take its time. But clearly, the situation has changed in recent weeks beyond all expectations. I don't think it would be too difficult, it depends on how you define reconcile. I think there's a long way to go before Harry is bringing over Meghan and the children.

This comes as it has been alleged that the monarch and the institution do not trust Prince Harry and Meghan when it comes to spilling tea on the Royal Family.

The Royals allegedly do not trust the Sussexes as they still hold out fears after the Oprah interview that went out at the time when the Duke of Edinburgh was ill in hospital. Richard claims that the timing of their interviews and other media is something that The Firm would ‘never forget.’

Reconciliation with Meghan Markle

According to Richard Fitzwilliams, one of the major reasons why the monarch and the Royal Family would think before reconciling with Meghan Markle is because he believes she’s ‘toxic.’ He emphasised that the Royals don’t trust the Sussex couple after their string of public attacks on the family. Richard shared:

Meghan is toxic. I'm not saying the Sussexes would launch any attacks on the Royal Family at this sort of time. But what is very, very clear is that if they want to build trust, they have a long way to go.

If Prince Harry and Meghan do want to reconcile, they will have a long way to go as the couple have to make up with not just the monarch but also his brother and sister-in-law - Prince William and Princess Kate.

Prince Harry went from being Prince William’s ‘top advisor’ to being barely on speaking terms. However, with the intense past few months that the Royals have had and with the serious illnesses in the family, things may change and the rift may hopefully be healed.

Why is Meghan Markle not attending the Invictus Games Foundation’s 10th Anniversary in the UK?

Prince Harry's solo visits to the UK always grab a lot of media attention. This time, sources have claimed that he may also pay a quick visit to Kate Middleton while he's in London. What's not so surprising is the fact that Meghan will not be joining him.

The mother-of-two will likely be at home in their £11M Montecito mansion with kids Archie and Lillibet. The Duchess will be joining Prince Harry after his short visit to Britain and head to Nigeria with him. The couple will take part in ‘cultural activities’ after they were invited by the West African country’s chief of defence staff.

The couple will meet service members and their families, and participate in traditional cultural activities, according to Nigerian media. It will be Prince Harry and Meghan's first trip to Nigeria as a couple.

An insider revealed that Meghan showed no interest in returning to the UK. Meanwhile, Fitzwilliams claims that it was always ‘unlikely’ that Meghan would return to the UK for two main reasons.

According to Richard, the Duchess may fear that her rift with the Royal Family will overshadow the message of the Invictus Games should she return to the UK. Richard told The Sun:

Her attendance at the reception would overshadow the message of the service, and you wouldn't want that, as far as Harry is concerned.

Explaining the second reason, Richard shared that the Royal Family’s ‘hostility’ towards her may have also encouraged her to stay back in the States. He explained:

I never thought that Meghan would come over because of the hostility towards her, but I mean no one has to emphasise that it's hostile.
And also, of course, you'd get a press that was far from flattering, but that is linked to the Sussexes' behaviour over the last four years.

The Duchess has not stepped foot in the UK since Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in September 2022.

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