Royal experts agree, reconciliation between Prince Harry and the Royal Family now looks impossible

It seems like all royal experts are agreeing this morning: this one thing means no reconciliation between Prince Harry and the Royal Family.

Prince Harry Prince William reconcilation Endgame
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Prince Harry Prince William reconcilation Endgame

Today is 28 November and usually this would mean nothing for the Royal Family. However, this year it is different. Indeed, today marks the release of Omid Scobie’s new book Endgame.

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This book had made so much ink spill even before it came out that it comes to no surprise that now that it has hit the shelves it is all everyone is talking about. So far, the leading narrative is that Endgame is a personal attack on some members of the Royal Family if not on the monarchy itself.

But there's more. Since the release of his first book in 2020, Scobie has been accused of being Prince Harry and Meghan’s ‘mouthpiece’. This led commentators on GB News this morning to say this one thing…

Omid Scobie’s book could stop reconciliation

Charles Rae, former Royal correspondent for The Sun, was interviewed this morning on GB News and he believes that Omid Scobie’s book means that Prince Harry and the Royal Family have no way of reconciling.

He said:

It’s been dead and buried for some time.

Rae also added that for him this book is Meghan Markle’s way to tell everyone what she thinks of Kate Middleton. Other royals experts in the media have also put forward the idea that Endgame makes reconciliation impossible.

Writing for the Mail Online, Richard Kay states:

Until this week, it was just possible to imagine a rapprochement of sorts. Not the warm brotherly affection of old, of course, but a recognition that the best way to secure the future of the monarchy lay in reconciling William and Harry.
How hollow all that soothing talk sounds today with the publication of Omid Scobie's latest biography of the royals in which he turns his malicious attention on the Princess of Wales.


Far from seeking a fraternal reconciliation, such claims from his sister-in-law's cheerleader-in-chief (...) can only deepen the rift between the brothers.

Other perspectives on Endgame

It feels a bit obvious to say but the royal experts talking in the press do not know everything that goes on within the royal household or within the royals’ heads. Therefore, saying that reconciliation is ‘dead and buried’ seems like a harsh thing to say.

However, these so-called revelations coming from Scobie’s book do make it look difficult for the royals to all be seen together again. Moreover, it was reported that even though Scobie and the Sussexes aren’t friends, Meghan Markle did have a call with him after he received death threats.

Does that mean that the Sussexes worked on Endgame? No. It is also worth noting that Scobie claimed that most of the reporting on his book was done by people who hadn’t read it.

Whether you like my work or loathe it, all I ask is that if you are reading coverage about what’s supposedly inside #ENDGAME, please also read the book itself. Incorrect and bad translations, snippets without context, leaks etc. do not tell the full or accurate story. Thank you

Finally, royal watcher @Meredith on Tiktok contradicts the UK coverage of the book. In her review video posted today she says:

some of the most interesting parts of the book and new revelations come from how the media works
Here's the thing: the bombshell in Endgame is that it’s not a bombshell at all. It’s just shocking to hear a royal reporter say it.

She also shuts down the coverage done by the tabloids by addressing their points in their criticism.

you might think that this book is a character assassination of members of the Royal Family and an attempt to take down the monarchy. It’s not.
Or you might think that this book is a puff piece extolling the virtues of Harry and Meghan. Definitely not.


This is not a book where there are clearly good characters and bad characters.

Without taking away from Meredith’s point of view, it should be noted that she admits she was sent an advanced copy and tags both Omid Scobie and Harper Collins in the video.

Preventing reconciliation or not, Scobie's book does one thing for certain: it's making people talk.

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