Harry and Meghan's return to UK could involve renting Prince William's former house, source claims

Amid rumours about the Sussexes returning to the UK, new revelations are coming out showing the couple’s seriousness

Prince Harry and Meghan's return to the UK could involve renting Prince William's former house
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Prince Harry and Meghan's return to the UK could involve renting Prince William's former house

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are always in the middle of rumour circles. From the beginning of their relationship, the couple has always made journalists and royal watchers spill an insane amount of ink. Whether it’s about their relationship status, the state of their marriage or their business ventures, there is always more to say about the Sussexes.

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In the last few weeks the couples have been through unending rumours of divorce as well as rumours about them moving back to the UK. We do realise that these rumours are contradictory but they’re still out there! Let’s try and see what’s new.

Prince Harry and Meghan could return to Kensington Palace

In a new article published by OK!, an unnamed source alleges that the couple could not only come back to the UK but that they could return to a royal residence.

According to this article, the Sussexes could ‘potentially (be) renting an apartment in Kensington Palace.’ This move would come as a way to try and show Prince William how serious they are about coming back.

This move to Kensington Palace could be a real throwback for the couple as this is where they used to live before getting married. Moreover, the house is also a nod to Prince Harry's older brother William. Kensington Palace is where the Prince of Wales used to live before moving to Windsor and this used to be the residence of their beloved mother, Lady Diana.

Moreover, the anonymous source continues explaining that the couple would furnish the apartment themselves, therefore asserting their financial independence. This news comes after another rumour about the couple returning to the UK surfaced in the last week of July 2023. However, this rumour also put forward the fact that the couple would need Prince William to put them back on payroll as living in the UK and in a royal residence would require the Sussexes to be working members of the royal family.

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Royal watchers are skeptical about the Sussexes coming back

While these rumours are going around, they are not leaving royal commentators mute. Already in July 2023, the royal watchers were not convinced that the couple who decided to step down as ‘senior members’ of the Royal Family in 2020 could return.

Now, with this new rumour, more skepticism has come to the surface. According to OK!, royal expert Tom Bower believes it is unrealistic for Prince Harry and Meghan to come back. Indeed, since leaving the UK the couple has been spilling a lot of secrets about The Firm. More than that, they have alleged racism within the family and made profitable deals with massive companies in order to create content around their time in the royal family.

The latest one is Prince Harry’s memoir Spare in which the prince doesn’t hold back and goes against his step mother, his dad and his brother.

Only time will tell if these rumours are true … the world will be watching.

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