Royal Family: Letting Prince Harry and Meghan leave could be their biggest mistake, according to experts

Since the news about Kate Middleton and King Charles’ health issues broke a lot has been written about this new slimmed-down monarchy. Experts seem to have revealed the biggest The Firm has made…

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Royal Family Megxit
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Meghan Markle Prince Harry Royal Family Megxit

17 January 2024 was a very eventful day for the British Royal Family. Indeed, within two hours of each other the Princess of Wales and the King announced surgeries. Both people being key members of King Charles’ slimmed-down monarchy, the news was received with concern.

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To top it all off, Prince William also announced that he would not be returning to royal duties until his wife was out of the hospital and settled at home—which means he will return to work only in the beginning of February.

After these announcements, it was also shared that King Charles was expected to be put on bed rest after his surgery when he had aimed to be back at work immediately after.

Questions were asked about who could step in and the challenges of a slimmed-down monarchy highlighted.

The hole left by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Sussexes are always in the press, whether they leave the house or not. Just this morning (24 January), UK tabloids and royal watchers were commenting on their presence at the Jamaican premiere of Bob Marley: One Love.

However, since the Princess of Wales and the King’s health woes were made public, the Sussexes have reentered the spotlight in a more official way. Indeed, Prince Harry is still listed on the Royal Family’s website as a Counsellor of State.

Moreover, having those three royals out of action brings back the fact that the Sussexes could have been a great asset for The Firm.

In The Telegraph, Royal Editor, Hannah Furness writes:

How different it could all have been.

She continues:

In this parallel universe, this would have been the moment for Prince Harry to do what he did best: getting stuck into work, charming the public, raising the spirits.

But as we know that is not what is currently happening. The two family units are living distinctively different lives though it is reported that the Sussexes have reached out and offered support to both the King and the Princess.

Now more than ever, the place the Sussexes left when they stepped down is felt… Furness explains:

The departure of the Sussexes has left a hole which has now been mercilessly exposed.

Reporting the words of author Ingrid Seward, Furness puts down:

This is not a constitutional crisis, far from it, (...) But it does leave the underbelly of the Royal family somewhat exposed.
Before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex relinquished their royal duties, they could have stepped up providing the youth and glamour the Prince and Princess of Wales have lent to royal engagements.

Seward then concludes:

Without the Sussexes — regardless of their unpopularity — it exposes the vulnerability of those in the top job.

Letting them go could be the biggest mistake the Royal Family made

Furness and Seward’s analyses are really interesting and other royal writers have also emphasised the lack of long term vision from the Royal Family in 2020 when they let the Sussexes step away from royal duties.

Daniela Elser, a royal commentator, believes that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could have been a huge asset for the Palace. In her article, shared by Express, she wrote:

With three of the four most senior members of Team: Crown out of the office and nowhere near a rope line for ages yet, the full extent of just how bad Megxit was for the Palace has come into focus.

She also believes that the Palace needs to ‘shoulder the responsibility’ of how they handled the situation with the Sussexes. Indeed, at the time, the couple made it clear that wished to continue working for The Firm but that was made impossible.

On that the royal commentator says:

What has become apparent this week is that Harry and Meghan, in jumping ship, have incidentally pushed the Royal Family to breaking point by leaving them painfully short staffed.

Quite powerfully, Elser concludes:

But the Palace deserves to shoulder plenty of the responsibility for letting things fester and get so bad in 2019 for the Sussexes that they felt they had no other choice.

Food for thought…

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