King Charles: The monarch made this promise to Prince William according to a royal expert

Since his diagnosis was revealed last Monday 5 February, King Charles has been in the spotlight. As a consequence so has his heir, Prince William.

King Charles Prince William Royal Family
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King Charles Prince William Royal Family

King Charles had barely been sent home after his operation when another health scare came his way. The announcement made by Buckingham Palace on 5 February sent shock waves through the country with many wondering what that could mean for the Royal Family, the King and the country.

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As King Charles’ heir, Prince William has been under scrutiny as well. Indeed, many are bringing up the fact that the Prince is expected to step up. Some have also put forward the idea that King Charles’ diagnosis could put the crown on his head faster than he anticipated.

Royal author, Ingrid Seward spoke to The Telegraph and mentioned a sort of promise King Charles made to his son. Unfortunately, his diagnosis could force the monarch out of that promise.

King Charles’ promise to Prince William revealed

Speaking to The Telegraph in anticipation of her new book My Mother and I, Ingrid Seward addresses the latest developments occurring within the Royal Family. In her interview with Camilla Tominey she talks about how Prince William now has to ‘step up’. She highlights:

The Firm has to come before the immediate family, (...) It’s a case of duty first which is something his grandmother, the late Queen always instilled into William.

However, Prince William has done the opposite of that, making his wife a priority as she recovers from abdominal surgery. The Prince has been taking time off and lowering his attendance at royal engagements.

According to the royal author, that is possible partly thanks to King Charles. Indeed, reading Seward, it seems like father and son have a clear understanding and agreement. She explains:

I remember Charles said that he was determined that William should enjoy his family before he took on too much royal work.
He feels that’s the least William should have – he’s got to be able to enjoy his family before he’s thrown into this role.

Later on in her interview Seward even alleges that King Charles pointedly told Prince William to ‘Look after (his) wife, first and foremost. She’s very important to (him)’.

A promise coming from King Charles’ own personal pain

In her newest book, Ingrid Seward focuses on the relationship between the late Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III.

In her interview with The Telegraph her research shines through when she explains where King Charles’ promise to his son comes from. She explains that ‘Charles felt all but abandoned by his parents’ because of his fragile health as a child.

Moreover, it has been well documented that though King Charles never lacked anything in his life, his personal relationships with his parents were never easy or close. Writing for TIME Magazine, Philip Eade explains:

so complete was her devotion to her royal duties as a young woman that she had far less time than most mothers to spend with her firstborn son and heir, whose shyness and sensitivity as a small child were exacerbated by the frequent absences of both his parents.

Moreover, Eade also explains that when King Charles’ parents weren’t away, his education fell on Prince Philip whose character was very different from his son’s. While Charles was shy and sensitive, the Duke of Edinburgh thought it his duty to ‘toughen up his son and prepare him for the rigours of one day becoming king.’

It makes sense that King Charles, when still able to perform most royal duties, would allow his son to stay with his family. Moreover, Prince William isn’t under the influence of someone like Lord Louis Mountbatten who some believe is responsible for King Charles’ first unhappy marriage. Indeed Lord Mountbatten is believed to have urged a young Charles to 'sow his wild oats' before chose a young girl 'without a past' to marry.

The Prince and Princess of Wales seem to be in a happy marriage, something Seward herself makes a note of. She explains:

I think William is very aware of the pressure on them which is why he took the time out to be with Kate. Carole Middleton tells people that William is incredibly supportive of her daughter.

This time truly is a very interesting one and royals are brought back to being simple humans…

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